Were waiting for someone to bring us together: Amitabh Bachchan on reuniting with Rishi Kapoor

Were waiting for someone to bring us together Amitabh Bachchan on reuniting with Rishi Kapoor
Were waiting for someone to bring us together Amitabh Bachchan on reuniting with Rishi Kapoor

, , Director was present at the success meant of on Thursday.

The film ‘102 Not Out’ released on 4th May reunited and together on a big screen after 27 years. When asked, how many more years will they take to work together again, said, “We were waiting for someone to bring us together and make a film for us. We have worked in so many films together and the environment has always been good. Now that we have worked on this one together hopefully more such opportunities. Now we are father and son then we can become dada- nana, two fathers, two brothers, just someone should be ready to write a story. “

The Veteran actor on the success party also expressed his views on the criticism the film received. Praising co-actor  Jimit Trivedi he said, We were told that our accents were not convincing other than Jimit who has done a fantastic job in the film. Sometimes it is expected that just because you are playing a particular character from a particular state or region it is expected that you have that accent but in normal life, Gujarati speak very normally.
But in other places, we have tried o show that they are Gujarati. Like they didn’t wear shoes inside their house and used a light accent when using English words like a record. If we used a thick accent it wouldn’t have been easy for people from other regions.”
Talking about the film’s scenes being restricted to the house both characters lived in, he said, “I think I don’t have an argument for that. I think Umesh-Ji wanted the house to be middle class and the scene restricted to the home because everything that happens in the film is contained within the four walls. Yes, there were opportunities when we went out and those were beyond any kind of grand exploration. I think if we had added a lot of glamour and grandness to the film the crux of the story would have been destroyed.”
The duo and play a father-son role in this film. will be seen as the 102 years father who always targets his 75 years old son for not being active in life.

The comedy-drama within an hour of the trailer release had become a trending topic on Twitter. Produced by SPE Films India, Benchmark Picture, and Treetop Entertainment, the film also stars, Jimit Trivedi, Paresh Rawal, and Mukesh Hariawala.