Top 5 most scandalous Bollywood celebrity gossip that we have heard in 2018

Top 5 most scandalous Bollywood celebrity gossip that we have heard in 2018
Top 5 most scandalous Bollywood celebrity gossip that we have heard in 2018

Very few can resist the temptation to gossip. Especially when it comes to their favorite Bollywood celebrities. Newspapers & online entertainment portals regularly publish blind items of celebrities & fans are left scratching their heads when it comes to guessing the celebrities mentioned in them

Kartik Murthy from lists out the top 5 most scandalous Bollywood celebrity gossip that we have heard in 2018 & his guesses about the celebrities mentioned in them

  1. Scratched Face

Our 5th most scandalous blind item is from Pinkvilla.

All marriages go through their ups & downs. Celeb marriages are no different. This cricketer who has dated several women in the past is having trouble in his marriage. He has a loudmouth actor father & a controlling mother. He truly loved an actor, but thanks to his mother’s meddling ways they broke up. He had never dated anyone for as long as he dated this actor. He is a world champion, who battled a fatal disease & emerged victoriously. We do hope he successfully saves his marriage as well.

We are dying to get some info about his affair with a married TV show host more than a decade back. The entire country was lusting for her & our player was rumored to be the lucky guy who bedded her. She went back to her husband & the rumors died. He also dated the current reigning queen of Bollywood for a short while before she dumped him for a Bollywood heartthrob.

Blind Item:

When cricketers and Bollywood stars get together in holy matrimony, we all feel that its a match made in heaven, or at least their social media PDA says that.

However, we came across a blind in a leading daily which suggests trouble in paradise for one such couple and its getting more serious by the day.

While rumours of a fallout between the two are quite rampant, the cricketer is not willing to give up on his ladylove. However, the actor in question has other plans.

During a recent holiday to a foreign country where they celebrated his birthday, the doting wife threw temper tantrums and had a fight with him. Things got serious when she apparently scratched his face badly, as well.

According to a source of the daily, when the cricketer tried to stop her, the actor threatened to go to the cops and register a complaint of domestic violence against him if he touched her. She also proclaimed that since they weren’t in India, she would put him behind bars for a long time.

Our Guess

Cricketer: Yuvraj Singh

Actor: Hazel Keech

While in India, the cricketer is seen spending most of his time out of the house and his friends are trying to cheer him up by taking him shopping and partying.

  1. Fading Nayak

The 4th most scandalous blind item was published in

Aging stars whose career is on the wane seems to be the theme for the day. Both Mumbai Mirror & BollywoodLife have published blind items on the same theme. The blind item talks about this once reigning khalnayak, who now barely has any box office clout. He was talented & had that star charisma, but due to his penchant for signing movies for the sake of friendship cost him, dear. His string of flops with a director friend ruined his box office rep. Younger stars, on the other hand, chose their projects carefully & are still on top. It is one thing to be generous, it is another to be generous/laidback at work.

His last huge hit was a uber-successful director, who is now directing his biopic. But his frequent run ins with the law, made him disappear from people’s minds. But then again, he is above 50 & has been an A-lister for over two decades.

Blind Item

Bollywood can be fatally alluring. Once you are in it, you don’t feel like being anywhere else. It tempts you, especially when at one point of time, you were the reigning superstar. But times have relegated you to be a jaded one. So what do you do? Well, this senior actor thinks the best way is to slash his price. The actor has been a big name in the industry during his youth. Even when he was past his prime, he had managed to get everyone’s appreciation by doing some good work. But life hasn’t been too kind to him. He has seen a lot of ups and downs. Now the situation is such that, to resurrect his failing career, he is even ready to quote half the price.

The actor recently had a release which bombed at the box office. The buzz around the film was good, but poor execution ruined its fate. This debacle really hit him hard because he wanted to start his second innings on a successful note. He was infamous for his run-ins with the law and this particular film was supposed to give his career a new lease of life. But nothing of that sort happened. Producers it seems, are wary of his box office pull now, after the debacle. His wife was known to manage his work. He has also gone to a veteran filmmaker, who is known to make multi-starrer war films, and promised to slash his fees if he is cast in his movies.

Now he has put all his hopes on a film by a popular production house. The film too was in a limbo for a few months, before it got a clearance from this leading producer. An actress’ sudden death had also threatened to slow down the film but it seems all that has been sorted out. If you have guessed who this actor is, tell us in the comments below.

Actor: Sanjay Dutt


  1. Bolly Leeches

Our 3rd most scandalous blind item this year is from Rajeev Masand

There are many rich kids who aspire for Bollywood stardom. Despite spending several crores only a few rich kids make it big. Only one among them has made it big & how. The rest of them make their dadies spend crores on each film,only to see it flop later. Their daddies have to cajole actresses to act opposite their loser sons.

But the leeches of Bollywood, don’t shy from asking for favors from these rich kids. Some even date them for their money. Hell, some even get married to them for money! Rumor has it that a sexy siren who has a shady past was caught in a compromising position with a rich kid by her husband. This rich kid’s dad is a guthka baron. He too is married to another washed out actress.

Blind Item:

This wanna-shine actor and son of a moneybags film producer may not have much to show in terms of lasting performances or successful movies, but he’s got nearly every young Bollywood star on speed dial and tends to constantly be in the company of the movers and shakers of tinseltown. Insiders say he cultivates these friends in high places through thoughtful gifting, and unlimited free access to his private gym, a custom- built, state-of-the-art facility in his own residence building.

Top stars have been known to use his gym for the simple reason that it’s got better equipment than some of the best commercial gyms in the city, but mostly because it’s private and exclusive and allows them the luxury to work out peacefully away from ‘common folk’ and their pesky phone cameras. More than one superstar is known to regularly work out at his gym, and a bevy of starlets can almost always be spotted on its treadmills, working up a sweat, thrilled that they don’t have to fork out a fat membership fee.

But recently, the young fella’s mother is believed to have visited the gym and noticed that it was filled with B-listers enjoying her son’s hospitality. She has since warned him to restrict access only to A-listers. She was particularly infuriated on spotting a dusky actress with an hourglass figure at the gym, and went on to remind her son that the lady in question had pointedly refused to act in a movie opposite him a few years ago, despite his father’s best attempts to woo her with a big pay cheque.

Our Guess:

Actor: Jackie Bhagnani

Dusky Actress: Bipasha Basu

  1. Nepotism

The 2nd most scandalous blind item is again from Rajeev Masand

The show’s tagline speaks about making it big solely on merit. The show is about commoners with no backing whatsoever getting a chance to make it big in Bollywood. But looks like one lad has found a way to sleep his way to a movie role. The director-judge has been accused of nepotism time & again. If he so wants to promote his BFF’s bf, why doesn’t he launch him himself? Why is he indulging in nepotism again & fooling the audiences?

But chances are that the makers of the show have planted this blind item to promote the show. Or maybe a jealous competitor might be spreading stories to tarnish the contestant’s rep.

Blind Item

What’s a little step-up between friends? According to whispers doing the rounds in tinsel town, a prominent filmmaker recommended the model boyfriend of his good friend, a leading clothesmith, for a television project he’s closely involved in. The beneficiary of said largesse is a strapping fella from Meerut who’s been walking the ramp for the designer for some months now. Their relationship went from professional to romantic pretty quickly, say insiders, pointing to the many foreign shows they’ve done together. At one of these, in Dubai a few months ago, the designer introduced the boyfriend to the filmmaker BFF and requested some help in raising his visibility. The result is a coveted spot on a reality show that the filmmaker is the public face of. As it turns out, the young hopeful is making good progress on the show, and the filmmaker’s soft spot for his friend’s boyfriend is evident to everyone on the set, even to fans of the show.

Our Guess:

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Fashion Designer: Manish Malhotra

Contestant: Harshvardhan Ahlawat


  1. The Escort

 The most scandalous blind item of 2018 till date was published in Mumbai Mirror

While we ordinary citizens envy the lifestyle of celebs, what few people know is that they don’t have it easy. Take the case of this actress who starred in two blockbusters before her career went kaput. She was known to be very arrogant. There are several articles published about her starry ways. She dated a divorced director & fought with her family to be with him. But unfortunately, her relationship too didn’t work out.

It is sad to know that she has now turned into an escort. We have been hearing for years about actor turning to escort to support their extravagant lifestyle. Some top female actors too are rumored to be available for a price. There are several stories of actors adding a few zeroes to their bank accounts post trips to Dubai, London Or New York. Rumor has it that the scion of a top Bollywood family broke off his engagement with a top actress after he found out that he gf was an escort in London, before her Bollywood foray. Now you know why upper-class mothers don’t want their sons to marry actors!

Blind Item

SHE may be have had among the most glorious launches the movie business has ever seen, and we’d say a rather respectable career thereafter too, but all the awful clichés one hears about the industry seem to have come true for this damsel. Out of work for several years now, the very attractive female actor has turned to not-so respectable means to earn her livelihood and Louis Vuitton. We hear she is now part of an elite escort company based in London. This seems to be a new appointment for her, for not too long ago she was accompanying a former senior actor, on the strictly contractual basis of course.

Our Guess:

Actor: Amisha Patel

If you are done reading this article & wish to test your own skills at guessing the celebs who get mentioned in the blind items, read the blind item mentioned below. This blind item was published by a team of

This story about a cheating couple left us shocked & made us chuckle at the same time.

Our source from the hotel industry shared an interesting anecdote. This happened several years back. A former A-lister, who almost went broke & has been playing supporting characters since the late 90’s was hooking up with an A-list female actor. He may have been a character actor then, but he sure was the ultimate fantasy for a lot of young women in the 80’s. Turns out our cocaine addict & now IPL team owner actor was one of them. Our source saw them entering a suite together in a top-notch hotel in the suburbs.

Nothing really scandalous in this, you might say. But what gave us goosebumps was what the veteran actor’s wife did that day. The very moment that this veteran was hooking up with the coke addict top female celeb, his wife was hooking up with the hotel’s gym trainer! Both were cheating on each other at the same hotel at the same time! Neither of them knew what the other was up to. Looks like the wife has a thing for gym bods. She was involved in a public spat with another B-grade celeb. The B-grade celeb & the wife were lovers. This B-grade celeb starred in a sex comedy several years back. The movie was a sleeper hit, but acting offers weren’t too many thanks to his acting talents or lack of it thereof. There are rumors that he is now a full-fledged pimp for the wealthy.

What is surprising is that parents like these have churned out a cultured, well-mannered son. Their son is now on course to enter the Bollywood A-list. Imagine seeing your parents hook up with people of your age. Ewww! But then again, if the couple in question don’t have a problem with being in an open marriage, who are we to judge?

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