There will be blast of laughter in ‘Bhajji Blast’ says Harbhajan Singh

Bhajji Blast
Bhajji Blast

Former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh who gearing up for the second season of the fun talk show is titled ‘’ has said that there will be the blast of laughter in the show.

Harbhajan Singh was interacting with media to promote his upcoming digital talk show ‘’ on Friday in Mumbai.

In ‘‘, Harbhajan Singh will be seen as a host who will interact with international cricketers so when asked Harbhajan what kind of blast will happen on his talk show, he said, “There will be a blast of laughter and audience is going to see things which they haven’t seen earlier. In the show, an audience will see cricketers delivering dialogues, singing songs and dancing. It’s basically about having fun and talking about our lives and what we do on and off the field”.

When asked Harbhajan whether cricketers get uncomfortable sharing their personal incidents in the show, he said, “They would have got uncomfortable if an unknown person would have asked some personal questions to them. There are many stories which I know personally but I want that stories to come out in public through the show so, when I ask such questions to them then usually they don’t get uncomfortable because I ask those questions to them by engaging them into random talks so they automatically give answers to that question but at the same time, I make sure that I don’t trouble them so much that they don’t want to come to my show for the second time”

When asked Harbhajan who surprised him on his talk show, he replied, “Jadeja (Ravindra Jadeja) surprised me a lot. I didn’t think that Jadeja will have such amazing sense of humor. He actually made me laugh so much. I felt like I was the guest on his show. When I told him to deliver a line in Gujarati then he improvised it and said something else only and after that, we were laughing so hard. Apart from him, Bravo (Dwayne Bravo) was brilliant. I think every individual has a unique personality. It has been a great journey. There are lots of cricketers against whom I have played cricket but through this show, I had the opportunity to know them better”.

Harbhajan is playing under MS Dhoni’s captaincy in Chennai Super Kings which have entered in Finals of Indian Premier League, reacting on Chennai Super Kings performance, Harbhajan said, “We have done well as a team in Indian Premier League. Chennai Super Kings is back in Indian Premier League after two years which is great and now, we will be playing the finals. Hopefully, we will get a right game and get the positive result out of it. I feel very nice to be part of Chennai Super Kings and I am very proud that we have come this far.”

Quick Heal ‘ is a fun show where Bhajji is seen in candid conversations with his teammates as they have a blast talking about cricket, life and sharing funny anecdotes.

’ will be telecasted on QU Play channel on YouTube.