Saying the film ‘102 Not Out’ looks like a play is uncalled for: Rishi Kapoor

Saying the film '102 Not Out' looks like a play is uncalled for Rishi Kapoor
Saying the film '102 Not Out' looks like a play is uncalled for Rishi Kapoor

has said that saying his latest released film ‘’ looks like a pay is uncalled for.

was interacting with media along with ,  Director Umesh at the success meet of ‘’ on Thursday.

when talking about criticism the film received he said, “People have said that the film looks like a play, it is because you know it is a play. my father made a film called Sangam, its running time for 4 and half hours and there were only three characters. Nobody complains about it then that it looks like a play. in this case, you do because it is based on a play and everyone knows that. I think that I one criticism which is uncalled for.”

When asked why they choose to leave the ‘Badumbaa’ out of the storyline, the film’s director Umesh Shukla said, `When we designed the song, we did only for the promotional reasons. If we would have added the song before Chintu-ji’s journey in the past its impact would have reduced. He can be seen dancing in the song and it would have changed the character’s impact and emotional journey.”

Veteran was asked how the family reacted to the film, he said, “Everyone watched the film and kids loved it but Madam’s reaction to my work is always serious. Usually, she (Jaya) doesn’t say much but this time she said something different. She said the film’s timing is amazing. When there are big films like Avenger’s releasing this small film will definitely set place in everyone’s heart. And she was right, it did.”

The duo and play a father-son role in this film. will be seen as the 102 years father who always targets his 75 years old son for not being active in life.

The comedy-drama within an hour of the trailer release had become a trending topic on twitter. Produced by SPE Films India, Benchmark Picture, and Treetop Entertainment, the film also stars, Jimit Trivedi, Paresh Rawal and Mukesh Hariawala.

The film   ‘’ released on 4th May reunited and together on a big screen after 27 years.