It’s important JA Entertainment keeps shocking its audience: John Abraham

It's important JA Entertainment keeps shocking its audience John Abraham
It's important JA Entertainment keeps shocking its audience John Abraham

, who is gearing up for the release of the forthcoming film, under his production house JA entertainment said he wants the house to shock its audience with amazing concepts.

John along with director Abhishek Sharma was present for a promotional interview in Mumbai.

Talking about JA entertainment his own production house he said he is looking forward to working with Abhishek on another project in future.

“If people think about JA entertainment, like they will definitely bring something different, I think that is important. And what we have thought about after this maybe when Abhishek is free from Zoya factor. When we will get to that it will also be very different. I think it is very important to keep shocking the audience.”

When asked if he ever thought playing a role out of action genre in was a big risk to take, John said, “I think I did madras cafe also in the past and I have done films which have been very risky for my career like water no smoking, Kabul express. A big producer that I idealize, Aditya Chopra once told me that my most intelligent choices are the ones that are different so I believe that is that different choice and I want to continue making such different choices.”

Director Abhishek said, John is passionate and hungry for new content. “It was a delight directing John he is very passionate and the best thing about him is he will give himself away to the director. He keeps asking for time to prep and be through with the character. Also, he is hungry to do new content, its not like he has a certain image so he will only do certain characters, if the story excites him he will do it.”

When talking about the film that is based on real incidents Abhishek said, “Its inspired by true events but the characters are fictional. the plot taken in the film is completely real, almost 80-85% of the incident that took place back then in part of the story.”

-The Story Of Pokhran is directed by Abhishek Sharma, and stars , Diana Penty, and Boman Irani. Based on real incidents the film is about a team of officers who were given the responsibility of carrying out a covert operation.

Produced by Zee Studios and JA Entertainment, will hit the screens on May 25, 2018.