Exciting to see Parmanu perceived as a commercial film: John Abraham

Exciting to see Parmanu perceived as a commercial film John Abraham
Exciting to see Parmanu perceived as a commercial film John Abraham

, who is gearing up for the release of the forthcoming film, said it’s exciting to see people perceive it as a commercial film.

John along with director Abhishek Sharma was present for a promotional interview in Mumbai.

John said the most exciting thing about ’s trailer release was it being perceived as a commercial film. “The response we are getting is very positive. People are saying is a different and very interesting film. The most exciting thing people are saying is it looks like a commercial film. People thought of it as an engaging thriller. I think that’s the plus we are getting right now, people are waiting for something big to happen in the film and, that’s very exciting.”

Director Abhishek Sharma said he believes the film has already created a buzz and will excite the audience more by the time of its release.

“I was sure that the subject should appeal to the people but I think the way the trailer has been cut and the way it has been marketed by John’s team and the way people are reacting even to the film’s song it feels amazing. Sachin Jigar has given us great music, Shubh Din the first song out was trending and now the second song, Jitni Dafa is also trending on social media. Subh Din really took the trailer forward and now with each song coming out it will peak the film’s interest.

As many comments, I have read on YouTube and social media it tells me people are looking forward to this film and yes maybe we didn’t get enough time for publicity but we will make up for it with good content material.”

Asked about preparing for a role which is far away from the action genre and needs more character development than building a body or losing it, he said, “We did a lot of workshops for the role I am playing which is of a junior bureaucrat in the Prime minister’s office. I had to deconstruct myself a lot to be able to fit into this role. I couldn’t have a body. I had to stop going to the gym and look like a regular guy.  We researched a lot for the backstory of my character.”

-The Story Of Pokhran is directed by Abhishek Sharma, and stars , Diana Penty, and Boman Irani. Based on real incidents the film is about a team of officers who were given the responsibility of carrying out a covert operation.

Produced by Zee Studios and JA Entertainment, will hit the screens on May 25, 2018.