Myrra Bakshi, an actor, a model, a diva & a fashionista launches her own clothing label, fashion app- MYRRA. Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly manage anymore, the star surprised her fans all over the world announcing the launch of her very own clothing label, fashion app “MYRRA”
“I want to see everyone wearing ‘MYRRA’ because it will be more fashionable, stylish and trendy. My app will have more of comfortable clothes like easy to wear clothes for the masses like youngster who doesn’t know much about fashion. So, I reach out to those people like the college crowd where they can fashionably look stylish. One can’t come all the way from fashion institute so you know I tried my best to keep an affordable price and easy to wear styles. The kind of clothes which I have is like, MYRRA is all about being you just be original, be yourself, be your own kind of beautiful, you know just be free. I mean you can just wear what you want to and you know it’s not always what you wear and how you look it’s like how you present yourself without even speaking, that’s called MYRRA” says Myrra Bakshi. 
“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Myrra Bakshi revealed about the brand, which has aptly been named MYRRA, “Clothes are actually something that we live in, they are a huge part of our lives. I wanted to create a brand that can add that value to someone’s life, be a part of that person’s life & live in the closet of every girl for all the seasons”
A feel-good combination of easy-breezy cuts, vibrant colours, happy prints and low maintenance casuals, MYRRA channels her trademark, fuss-free style Think floaty dresses in opaque fabrics that don’t need layering, jackets featuring lots of pockets, and versatile pieces that aren’t a stress to style. “I have personally taken interest in the styles of MYRRA, so there’s a bit of myself in all the outfits