Salman Khan will be there in Jail till Monday, even if he gets bail tomorrow


Yesterday, the Bollywood star Salman Khan sent into the jail for 5 years for the BlackBuck Poaching Case and he was into the Jodhpur jail since yesterday.

Today morning, Salman’s lawyers tried to get bail but Judge has denied the request and responded his verdict on bail till Saturday.

Now, why I am saying that Salman Khan will be into the jail till Monday even if he gets bail by tomorrow. Because if everything will goes into Salman’s favour and his lawyers get convinced judge to show that there will some gaps into the last decision then Salman Khan may get bail from the Jodhpur Court.

But, even if he gets the bail, there are some formalities that needs to be completed by tomorrow only if Salman wants to get out from the jail and he don’t want to spend another night behind the bars. If Salman get bail then he need to find people who tae guaranty of Salman Khan and guarantee also need to submit some amount of FD into the court as security and post that Court has to verify all the details and all these activities will take time. Remember, tomorrow will be Saturday and court will be open for tomorrow but most of the office will be closed or may work only for half day and if Salman Khan’s lawyers fails to complete all the activities on time them Salman might have to be there into the jail till Monday morning.