Not views, but actual reaction of audience is really precious – Shankar Mahadevan


Music maestro Shankar Mahadevan who is excited for his upcoming film ‘Raazi’ says that today getting 1 million views for a song is not that difficult and hence not important but to get the actual positive reaction of the audience is very important and Raazi has managed to do that.

Shankar Mahadevan was interacting with media along with Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendosa to promote their upcoming film ‘Raazi’ in Mumbai.  Talking about positive reviews for the music of ‘Raazi’, Mahadevan said, “There is a huge difference between true appreciation and getting 1 million views for the song. I think you can get those views very easily because it has become possible in today’s day and age which I don’t want to talk. I feel the real reaction of the audience is really precious and that you can’t compare it with anything else which I think the music of ‘Raazi’ has been able to achieve”.

Veteran lyricist and writer Gulzaar are known for working with selective music composer in the latter part of his career so, talking about experience working with Gulzaar, Mahadevan said,   “It is a blessing for us that we get an opportunity to create music with him in ‘Raazi’. While composing music for the film, every day, we used to eat together and discuss different issues apart from music.

We can freely ask him to change a certain word to fit in the song and he is so open and cooperative in his working that whatever suggestion you give him, he is ready to implement that and I also feel that it takes time to create such kind relation with him. If you want to establish such kind of relationships with the person like Gulzaar Saab or Javed (Akhtar) Saab then, first you have to prove yourself  and I think we have managed to do that and that is the reason why  he entertains us otherwise we will not be able to stand in front of him”

when asked Mahadevan what kind of challenges he and his other two colleagues faced while composing songs for ‘Raazi’, he said, “Each project is challenging. when you have to justify the script than as a music composer, you have to take a lot of efforts in terms of detailing of the songs. There is one song in ‘Raazi’ titled ‘Dil Baro’ for that, we had to do a lot of research of Kashmiri folk songs and then we had to use Kashmiri musical instrument in it. It is a challenge to incorporate the essence of that region, era and circumstance in the songs but without that, there isn’t fun in the song. If you see the title of ‘Raazi’ relates to Afghani or Kashmiri music but at the same time, it is for Bollywood so as a composer, we had to maintain those settings”

‘Raazi’ is an adaptation of Harinder Sikka’s ‘Calling Sehmat’, a novel inspired by the almost-unbelievable real-life story of the woman who Sikka named Sehmat, to protect her identity.

Alia has been playing Sehmat, a Kashmiri woman who marries a Pakistani officer with the intention to source out intelligence details and pass it off to Indian forces. Vicky Kaushal is essaying the role of the Pakistani officer.

‘Raazi’ is being directed by Meghna Gulzar and produced by Karan Johar and Vineet Jain.

It is scheduled to release on 11 May 2018.