Movie Review – Beyond the Clouds, Ishaan has shown from the first film that he will be the star of tomorrow


Screening of ‘’ in London has happened a long back and film was most awaited film for the Indian film viewers to see the positive response to the film in the international media. The first look poster of the film was released at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. The second poster was released in 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The film already premiered at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival. Distribution company of the film did not get much screen after long running to get its favorite screens.

The story revolves around Amir ‘’ and his elder sister Tara ‘’. After the death of his parents, Aamir stayed with his sister’s house but Tara’s drunken husband often beat Aamir along with Tara every day. and at the age of 13, Aamir leaves his sister’s house and runs away. But luck has written something else in his destiny, after several years, both brother and sister met again, but till now Tara and Amir’s life had passed through many difficult places where nothing was right. Now the Aamir wanted to earn money by doing anything in the wrong side, even if he had to do anything for it. Arshi ‘Gautam Ghosh’, at Dhobi Ghat, always kept a close watch on Tara. One day when Arshi forces her with Tara, the she kills Arashi with a big stone badly in the rescue. Tara is sent to prison for killing a terrorist in a murderous attack and from here it comes a new twist in the story.

Talking about acting, In the role of Bhai , emerging young actor who gets involved in the character. From the beginning to the end, Ishaan’s shown his talent and he completely seems pro in terms of acting. South actress has also made her character alive in Ishan’s sister role. This film may seem similar to viewers in the 90s, Majid Majidi film ‘Children of Heaven’. The film has been shot in several slum colonies of Mumbai.

Ishaan has shown from the first film that he will be the star of tomorrow. Malayalam actress looks strong in her role.

AR Rahman’s music is not according to his image. ‘’ is a Must Watch movie and if you are fond of action, comedy, romance and hot scenes, then this film is not for you