John Abraham Productions “Terminates” Contract with KriArj Entertainment

John Abraham Productions “Terminates” Contract with KriArj Entertainment

Productions contract with production company KriArj Entertainment in the interest of – The Story Of Pokhran, issues a statement stating that the film will soon get a new release date.
was scheduled to release on December 8 last year. Its release date got pushed to February 23, 2018 and then to April 6, but unfortunately the film, won’t hit the screens on Friday as all’s not well between the co-producers.

The film based on the nuclear tests conducted at Pokhran in 1998.
A statement issued by Entertainment read, “In the best interest of the film, we have terminated our contract with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and will soon announce the release schedule. Termination of the agreement by actor ’s company “is valid and legal.”

KriArj has committed material breaches which left us with no choice but to terminate in the interest of the film. We would like to state that this extreme step has been taken by us after days of trying to resolve the issues at hand in the best interest of the release of the film.
We have fulfilled our commitment at every stage of this project and intimated KriArj in writing from time to time.

“We have been waiting and asking for payments at every stage.” But their payments have either “been delayed or we have received wrong UTR (unique taxpayer reference) number. Cheque payments have been stopped time and again”.
Delay in payments/non-payments have caused “delays in the post-production work after the film’s principal shoot was completed on time and on schedule last year”.
Entertainment further lashed out at KriArj, saying “despite repeated follow-up, the distribution plan for the film has not been shared and there has been no transparency in their dealings with third parties”.

“We have till date not been privy to any signed contracts of third parties with KriArj, if any.” Entertainment has time and again sat on the marketing campaign and the dates have been pushed at least three times, thanks to “delayed payments”.
KriArj “without our approval has gone out and made statements giving false reasons for the delay”. Any future attempts by KriArj to “jeopardise the film or defame the production house and/or the film, like they have done in the past with other films, will compel us to initiate legal proceedings against them”
The movie stars , Diana Penty and Boman Irani, in the lead roles. The film is directed by Abhishek Sharma.