Is this no country for women? Karan Oberoi slams Saroj Khan for unbecoming remarks on casting couch in Bollywood


Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan got herself entangled into contention after she shared her peculiar remarks on the casting couch scenario in Bollywood.

She justified the practice as the exchange of sexual favors for work in the film industry – at a press conference held in Mumbai on Tuesday. In addition to this, she also mentioned that it’s “age-old” and the entertainment industry alone should not be targeted on such grounds.

Karan Oberoii
Karan Oberoii

Since then, the veteran has been receiving criticism on a gigantic level from the Bollywood industry and from people around the world. Vocalist Karan Oberoi also expressed his opinion on the issue, calling it highly ludicrous.

“That’s one of the most absurd statements I have ever heard in my life! Are we now suddenly legitimizing the casting couch which has been the bigger Scrooge of the industry in the garb of providing “employment“? In that case, prostitution is also providing employment to someone, and feeding their stomachs! Why look down upon that or have any kind of moral standpoint on it! The only difference is the “currency” exchange is different here!

He further added, “Why take anyone for merit or talent? Everyone can just sex it all the way to the top. The emotional mental scars of having your body penetrated by another human being that you may not even like, be darned! And of course, then there are those who have been used and abused because “everyone“ does it and have had no employment come their way either, leaving them with maybe a little choice but to revert to the oldest profession in the world!”

“When I hear such moronic statements and the sexual predatory around all of us, I wonder if this actually a country for women!,” Karan concluded.

Since the campaigns like #Metoo or #Time’sUp are doing viral rounds on the internet, people are constantly looking for a change in the mindset of our society. But what’s even more worrying is, if veterans like Ms. Khan or any other, would support such unethical practices, then how can you expect this world to be a better place for a woman.