‘Adhure Pure Se Hum’ is based on a universal issue of marital rape – Mrigank Dubey


Filmmaker Mrigank Dubey’s ‘Adhure Pure se Hum’ is receiving appreciation from all walks of life and the director says that the film is based revolves around marital rape which is a universal issue.

Mrigank Dubey was interacting with media at the special screening of ‘Adhure Pure Se Hum’ in Mumbai. The maker has received invitation from Cannes Film Festival to showcase his film which revolves around marital rape, talking about his film, Dubey said,  “It’s my honor that my film is being screened at Cannes Film Festival and more than that, I feel happy that people are noticing importance of this (marital rape) issue because it’s a universal issue and people are relating with the subject of this film. We have won awards for this film from different parts of the world be it Mexico, Kolkata or Los Angeles, it means that every person is relating to this issue”

Sharing details about his film, Dubey said,  “‘Adhure Pure Se Hum’ is the story of two characters in which there is a sense of love, emotions but also it deals with a major topic of marital rape. This film, not only in India but internationally also won almost 27 awards. This film right now is traveling in many film festivals.

I have received an invitation from Cannes Film Festival for the screening of the film and on 16th May, it will be screened at Cannes Film Festival and I am very happy about it. This film showcases the story of every human being especially those ones who have experienced this issue. We always come across marital rape through newspapers and television and internationally, people have created a law to prevent it but in India, we don’t see that and that according to me, is really unfortunate and incorrect.”

Talking about his working experience with lead actors Priyamvada Sawant and Pawan Shankar in the film, Dubey said,  “Both actors have worked really well in this film. I had to personally meet Priyamvada at her home to get her out of the character because when I interacted with her on phone I felt that she is still not able to get out of the character which she played in my film. So as a director if my responsibility is to guide them to get into the character then, it is also my responsibility to help them to get out of that character.”

‘Adhure Se Pure Hum’ has won best short film award at Mindfield Film Festival, NYC Indie Film Awards, LA Shorts Awards, Hollywood Hills Film Awards and many more.

It is directed by Mrigank Dubey, written by Luv Kalla and produced by Ketaki Guhagarkar Surve.