A film on the portrayal of the ‘other side’ of Akbar

Film maker - Rajendra Prasad 2
Film maker - Rajendra Prasad 2

It is not a trivial matter that Bollywood has been using this ruthless formula of courting controversy for success from movies such as Fire (1998) to Padmavat (2018).

The more controversy a movie generates, the more popular coverage the movie release gets. This simple formula seems set to be taken to an extreme level soon. A film on Hindu holocaust might get made with the potential to be the mother of all controversies that will seriously affect the law and order situation in the whole country; an invitation for trouble under preparation by an FTII alumnus .

If true, it will be a first that any Indian filmmaker has dared to show religious persecution of Hindus, massacres, demolitions and desecrations of temples, destruction of universities and schools.
It would be interesting to see how Mr. Prasad would integrate such a vast and varied timeline into a film on the life of .

Mr. Prasad was earlier known as the producer and director of “Residue-Where the truth lies’, a controversial feature from 2005, which exposes Gandhi’s turpitude and presents the moral side of Godse’s act of assassinating Gandhi.