It is really difficult to judge children reality shows says Siddharth Anand

It is really difficult to judge children reality shows says Siddharth Anand
It is really difficult to judge children reality shows says Siddharth Anand

Filmmaker who is first time appearing in television space as reality show judge says that it is really difficult to judge children reality shows.

Marzi Pestonji, , Jay Bhanushali and Chtirangada Singh launched forthcoming season of ‘ Lil Masters’ on Tuesday in Mumbai.

When asked Siddharth whether it will be task for him judging children for a reality show, he said, “It is really difficult to judge children in reality shows because when you reject them, they feel heartbroken and if you give negative feedback to them then, their neighboring kids or kids from their school can taunt them so you have to put your thoughts in front of them in very constructive and sensitive manner. If their performance has gone bad then also you shouldn’t criticize them instead of that, you should encourage them to perform better so this become bit difficult for me to remember it all the time while judging all the children”

When asked Marzi Pestonji, one of the three judges apart from and Chitraganda Singh, how this season of ‘ Lil Masters’ is different from its previous seasons, he said, “This time we have two different judges for the show who doesn’t belong to dancing background. Siddharth will see dance performances of contestants from a director’s perspective and Chitrangada is an actress and a mother so. she will see the compassionate side of it and in totality, I will judge the contestant on their dancing skills”

When asked Marzi, how difficult it was for judges to select contestants for the show, he said, “Actually, it was very tough because a lot of children auditioned for the show. It was really tough when we have to select 40 contestants from 140 canates and when we had to choose final 16 performers for the show then we as judges literally had to fight with each other to take our favorite contestant on the show”

Sharing his feeling after entering into television space as a judge of a dance-based children reality show, Siddharth said, “Till now, I have worked behind the camera and it’s the first time, I will be judging dance-based reality show so it was an opportunity for me to explore dancing talent of our country. There are children from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh who are doing hip-hop dance and I think children from Mumbai also will not be able to match their dancing skills so it was actually an eye-opener for me. I don’t follow much dance-based reality shows so when I watched them performing live, it surprised me and now after watching these kids, I can say that entertainment filed have bright future ahead.”

Talking about his feeling hosting a show, Jay said, “I am looking forward to hosting this show as I really like hosting children reality show because all the time, they are very real and I think that’s the beauty of this show”

Lil Masters’ will air on Zee TV.