I don’t take pressure: Vineet Kumar Singh

I don’t take pressure Vineet Kumar Singh
I don’t take pressure Vineet Kumar Singh

Actor attended film festival ‘Bolti Khidkiyaan organized by Hindi film casting director Mukesh Chhabra on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Vineet said that he doesn’t take pressure about his career in films.

’s last film ‘Mukkabaaz’ received a positive response from critics and audience so when asked whether he is feeling pressure to deliver with his upcoming films, he said, “I don’t take the pressure. When I came to Mumbai to become an actor from Medical college, a lot of people gave injections of pressure but I didn’t take it. Everyone told me that who enters into acting after becoming a doctor but I wasn’t bothered about it. The path on which I decided to walk was tough but I know so many actors, therefore, I know that it is not an easy field to sustain but if you have faith in yourself then you can achieve anything”
Vineet had to transform himself from a thin man to look like a professional boxer for his film ‘Mukkabaaz’ as he spent almost one-year training for it so when asked Vineet does this field demands more effort than any field, he said, “In which field it doesn’t require hard work? If you see a farmer in the field, to grow a single food grain he has to go through the entire farming process so I agree that in this field, it requires some extra effort from your side but if you put yourself entirely into it with daring then anything can possible”

When asked Vineet what kind of roles he wanted to portray in his acting career, he said, “I have no idea of which thing will excite me. I don’t plan things. I came to Mumbai with a lot of planning but it took me 17-18 years to create my identity in the industry so planning didn’t work for me, therefore, now, I don’t plan much. I just go with flow with my inner instincts.”
Talking about film festival ‘Bolti Khidkiyaan’, Vineet said, “There are really good movies that have been screened here. I have seen ‘Miyaan Kal Aana’ while it was editing. Here you will get to see a lot of new films, talent and work so I am really excited. Short films are the medium to show your skill as an artist. I have also done many short films so I wish all the best to all directors and actors. Mukesh Chhabra always does something new and special when it comes to his casting or his contributions towards a film industry”

Talking about growing space of digital platform, Vineet said, “I myself is not able to understand how digital platform is growing with such a rapid speed because earlier we only used to know YouTube but now if you see any individual, he everyday engrosses himself on digital platform be it posting something, chatting or watching videos. I think we feel connected with different happenings all over the world because of the digital platform”
Talking about his future projects, Vineet said, “Now there is one film for which I am losing my weight. It will take some time because normally I take little time to prepare for my character. A lot of things are happening on professional front but I will talk about it once it is announced”

next will be seen playing a pivotal character in Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Daas Dev’ and Reema Kagti’s ‘’.