I am not really worried about getting typecast says Varun Sharma

I am not really worried about getting typecast says Varun Sharma
I am not really worried about getting typecast says Varun Sharma

still busy basking success of his last released film ‘Fukrey Returns’ says he is not really worried about getting typecast in the film industry.

and ‘Fukrey’ franchise director Mrighdeep Lamba attended Master Class at Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Wood International Institute to guide film students on Tuesday in Mumbai.

When asked Varun who played popular character named Chucha in ‘Fukrey’ that doesn’t he feel worried about getting typecast in comical roles, he said, “I think character of Chucha is one character from ensemble cast of ‘Fukrey’ franchise has been widely appreciated and I think the victory of actor lies when people refer him to his character name. I think one of the biggest achievement for any actor is to be getting cast on a regular basis in big films and typecasting comes much later so I am not really worried about that”

When asked Mrighdeep whether he is keen to make the third installment of ‘Fukrey’ franchise, he said, “See.I will not deny it but I can’t say anything as of now. Earlier before the release of ‘Fukrey Returns’ there was double pressure and now if we make the third part of ‘Fukrey’, then there will be an immense amount of pressure on us to live up to both previous films of this franchise. A comparison made between first and second part of it so I will not deny and it will be silly for me to deny right now and announce it tomorrow. If we crack a good idea and make good story around it then we will make it and normally, if a franchise become successful then producer puts pressure on you to somehow make a film to take that franchise forward for financial gain but the best thing is that Excel Entertainment is pretty aware of the fact that next part has to be good than the previous one and we are in no hurry with it. We would like to maintain some quality at least from our side as if a movie works or not, it is not in our hands”

When asked Mrighdeep what was inception point to create funny characters like Bholi Punjaban and Chucha in ‘Fukrey’, he said, “you just have to look around in Delhi, so In Delhi, there is female called Sonu Punjaban and she was into this kind of trade which we have shown in the film so we kind of took that idea from her and she was like how we showed Rich Chadha in the film.”

“As far as Chucha’s character is concerned, there was a boy who used to see a dream and his friend used to decode that dream and they used to play a lottery with the help of that so all these circumstances of the film are inspired from real incidents”

When asked Varun whether he is keen to feature in third part of ‘Fukrey’, he said, “I think all of us, entire team will be very happy if we crack the right storyline and if ‘Fukrey 3’ happens so, we all will be really excited and look forward to it”.

Fukrey Returns is a comedy film, directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. The film is the sequel to 2013 film Fukrey. The film was released on 8 December 2017. Upon its release, the film met with mixed reviews from critics but it became a huge commercial success. The film surpassed the collection of its prequel, by grossing over 80 crores in the domestic box office and 107 crores worldwide on a production budget of 30 crore