Even today when I come on set, I think of myself as a new comer— Shilpa Shetty


Actor was present at the launch of Ajay Shelkar’s Beauty Brand ‘AS’ on Sunday. During media interaction the actress said even today when comes on set for the first time, she thinks of herself as a new comer.

Shilpa, when asked to comment about completing 25 years in the industry said, “I don’t understand how I managed to be part of the industry for so long. I haven’t planned anything in my life but I have got everyone’s love and support, my parent’s blessing and I think media love me so they give me some importance. But every year is a new year for me and even today when I come on a set, I think of myself as a new comer.”

Talking about reinventing herself the ‘Baazigar’ actress, Shetty said, “I wouldn’t have been part of the industry for so long if I wouldn’t have reinvented myself, and the style and fashion of makeup keeps changing over time. At first, we used to do a lot of makeup and heavy eyes it has now changed to the no makeup look, fresh or glossy makeup and that’s in fashion. So you have to move ahead in time. Ajay (makeup artist) and I work as a team and whenever I come across something new I give him references.”

Irrfan Khan was recently diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumor- a rare disease. When the ‘Life In A… Metro’ co-star talked about the news, she said, “I have worked with him before, he is an amazing person. I was very disturbed when I first heard it but I think you should never lose your faith. So I have that faith, he will come out of these hard times as a warrior and he will fight it. ”

appears on Sony Channel’s ‘Super Dancer’ Chapter 2 as a judge alongside, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur.