​Rani Mukerji Reacts to CBSE Paper Leak

​Rani Mukerji Reacts to CBSE Paper Leak
​Rani Mukerji Reacts to CBSE Paper Leak

hosted a press conference to mark the success of her comeback movie Hichki. During her media interaction, Rani talked about ongoing “CBSE” paper leak scandal and expressed that giving exam shouldn’t be a problem.

Talking about , which has caused quite a row in the education department and papers being delayed, expressed her concern about kid’s vacation plans.
She said, “I think the students have prepared for the exam, so it doesn’t matter if they give the exam again, as long as the paper should be the same, but if the paper is changed, I guess they have already prepared for the entire term, then it should not be a problem. The only time the problem starts when you are mugging up and the syllabus changes if something of that sort of thing happens but if they are studying the syllabus from day one, giving exam should not be a problem”

Further adding she said, “Of course it changes the vacation plans a bit, so you know, parents who were taking their children to vacation or planning something, that might take a beating I guess”
“But in terms of students, I am sure they all are very bright, because see the percentage of marks students are getting today, all are above 80 or 90, and they are very bright, so I don’t think giving exam for them is that much of an issue but plans for holidays or other things, might become a little problematic now”

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