Ram Gopal Varma Utterly Shocked by Sridevi’s Demise

Ram Gopal Varma Utterly Shocked by Sridevi’s Demise
Ram Gopal Varma Utterly Shocked by Sridevi’s Demise
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been utterly shocked like the entire nation over the untimely demise of actress Sridevi. The filmmaker hasn’t stopped posting on social media ever since the news broke out her death.
Sridevi passed away last night owing to a cardiac arrest in Dubai. She was only 54 and her death was due to a cardiac arrest in Dubai.
Many Bollywood celebrities have been mourning her loss and even Ram Gopal Varma took to social media and expressed his utter shock and disbelief over her demise.
Ram Gopal Varma‏ wrote on his Twitter account, “I think God is just an arrogant M F and once in a while needlessly shows off his power by abruptly killing who we think to be superhumans like Bruce Lee and Sridevi…I so wish Bruce will give him two kicks one for himself and one for Sridevi”
But that wasn’t enough for the filmmaker, he again wrote, “The best song I ever shot in my career is this…she brought life to each and every nuance of @mmkeeravaani ‘s song…The entire choreography is just in her facial expressions”
After realizing that he has been ranting on social media, Ram Gopal tweeted, “This will be my last and final tweet on Sridevi and from now on I will just imagine she’s still alive and well. Sridevi garu, even after I made u laugh so much why are u now making me cry so much ..I won’t ever talk to u from now on…Katti Forever”
But the filmmaker again tweeted later this morning, he wrote, “How In Fucking Hell Can This Girl Just Like That Die?”
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and Sridevi have collaborated for movies like Great Robbery, Govindhaa…Govindhaa…, Hairaan, and Kshana Kshanam.