Raj Kapoor Never Sold Movies To China – Randhir Kapoor

Raj Kapoor Never Sold Movies To China – Randhir Kapoor
Raj Kapoor Never Sold Movies To China – Randhir Kapoor

Actor graced the Raj Kapoor Awards for Excellence in Entertainment here in Mumbai. During his media interaction veteran actor, Randhir expressed that his father, Raj Kapoor, never sold his movies to China and neither he visited the country despite being invited.

Raj Kapoor is known to create this amazing social connect with his movies in the socialist world. So when asked about this being an intentional move, shared an unknown story behind the Iron Curtains.
“I don’t this was planned because Raj Kapoor never sold films to China, neither China bought any films. Behind the Iron curtain, they took the picture from Russia. Then they released the picture in cinema with 2000 prints, which nobody knew because of the Iron curtain there”

Further, expressed that his father Raj Kapoor later got an invite from China as State’s Guest, but refused to go.
“One day Bajpai Sahab came here and sent word to my dad, that he is very popular in China as well. So later I got this call from my father, Raj Kapoor, saying that I’ve got an invite from China. That I am a very popular man in China, and my films are very popular there, and we all are going to China. They invited us as state’s guest. He was very excited and we got very excited”
“While we were making arrangements, he calls me and said; No I don’t want to go to China. So I asked him what happened, we all are excited to visit China. He said, Chinese are in love with Raj Kapoor of Awara and Shri 420, and look at my size now. I don’t look like that anymore.

“Russia has been seeing me every year, over the years in various sizes, so they accept me as now also, but I don’t want to disappoint all my fans, all those lovely people, and break the image. I am not the Raj Kapoor they think I am, so I just want them to be, I think that was the actor in him speaking and he didn’t go. Not only he didn’t go, he never went to China all his life. I have been to China, many times, and they still Love Raj Kapoor in the country and his films are very popular”
Recently Chinese government made an arrangement with Indian Government to release a certain number of Bollywood films in China. Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has been making ground-breaking box office collection, but believes that Raj Kapoor was the pioneer, who started the whole trend.

“Now Dangal has done some 10000 thousand crores, now all films have started going to China. But he was the pioneer who took the films there and he was very popular, and the actor in him didn’t want to break the image, so he didn’t go” added Randhir.
Also present at the event were Kiran Juneja, Neeta Nanda, Ramesh Sippy, R. Balki, , Rajiv Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Umesh Shukla and more.