Parineeti Chopra – I Need To Be Honest

Parineeti Chopra – I Need To Be Honest
Parineeti Chopra – I Need To Be Honest

Brand endorsement is tricky business for celebrities but has an interesting and simple approach to the whole thing, which is Honesty.
Talking about signing brands for endorsement, said, “The most important thing about me that I’ve to be honest about anything I am speaking about, that is my strength. It needs to come from my heart, on my social media, in my films, in my events or anything; it has to be something I feel”
“I can’t fake it, I can’t lie about things. So I always chose associations, for which I will not have to prepare answers for, for which I will not have to fake it. That is important for me…I like honesty approach to selling a product”

, who is endorsing Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington these days, also talked about ragging controversy where her cousin and international icon Priyanka Chopra’s name is being bragged in Nirav Modi scandal.
Actress Priyanka Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra are being dragged in the Nirav Modi controversy due to an advertisement, which the duo did for the brand.
Now talked about the process of signing on with brands and quips that it is never an actor’s fault. She said, “I also want to say this clearly: when a controversy comes up, an actor’s name crops up in a big manner even if he or she is connected remotely to it. One has to understand that the actor is just doing his or her part by acting or spreading the word in India or worldwide for what they are representing. We are not creating or manufacturing the product. We are only doing our job”

“Like every other business deal, yes, we have our own legal teams, business teams, and PR teams so that we can come on the sets on the shooting day and do our job. Of course, I do my research before I sign a product because I want to know if I believe in it.”
On the work front, after Golmaal Again, Actress Parineeti Cho