I think the selling of sex in films is dead: Vikram Bhatt

I think the selling of sex in films is dead Vikram Bhatt
I think the selling of sex in films is dead Vikram Bhatt

Ace director and writer say selling of sex in films is dead due to highly available content on the web. The filmmaker has ventured into with the launch of his (OTT) over the top content platform called VBontheweb, which brings for the theatre on the web concept where one pays only for the premium show one wishes to binge watch.

and Vishesh films have been known for great contribution to the erotica genre, but the genre has not been making an appearance in the theater anymore. When asked to comment on its absence, Vikram said, “I think the selling of sex in films is dead that’s to my partner JIO (Telecom company). the thing is that there was a time when people did not have access to internet all the time. So the only sexuality that you could sell was the one they could see on the screen. Now with data so cheap, everyone has a phone and data connection.

When you and watch a woman in all her glory why would they pay 200 to see a woman in half her glory? so, now you have to sell stories. They have app for everything now os when they come to your app they come for stories.”

Vikram at the press conference on Wednesday disclosed the app will allow users to buy a pass to watch a single show/entire series for fees as normal as INR 18.00 instead of the standard app subscription. With this Bhatt wishes to bring a substantial change in the and give a choice to the viewers.

While talking about the content available to the viewers on the app when asked if they have any guidelines for the content he said, “We are going to do everything there are no restrictions to the genres. we are going to make a comedy like ‘Awara Paagal Deewana’. Also, people with all kinds of content and genre are welcome but w have our own SNP guidelines.

We will pass anything the normal adult film passes. we don’t want anything more than that. People chrome cast and watch these episodes with their families, and we don’t want there to be material that is objectionable or offensive to anyone.”

The app went live on ’s birthday 27th Jan 2018. It is currently available to download on IOS and Android platforms.

The app was launched on the platform hosted by Brightcove, one of the pioneers of online video streaming and has been developed by Ecreeds.