I am not playing conventional hero in Dil Junglee says Saqib Saleem

I am not playing conventional hero in Dil Junglee says Saqib Saleem
I am not playing conventional hero in Dil Junglee says Saqib Saleem

Actor Saqib Saleem attended a promotional interview for his upcoming film ‘Dil Junglee’ on Monday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Saqib said that he is not playing conventional hero in ‘Dil Junglee’.

Talking about his character in ‘Dil Junglee’, Saqib said, “My character name in the film is Sumit Uppal and I have to say this that I feel so much connected with this character because the first time I am playing a character who belongs to Delhi and I also born and raised in Delhi. In the film, my character Sumit is a gym trainer and I am also a fitness freak. Sumit has an aspiration that he wants to become an actor and in I have become an actor so there is a sense of connecting with this character.”

As far as challenge is concerned playing this character, I am not playing conventional hero in this film. He not that kind of hero who always does the right thing. My character makes mistakes also and because of that there are some repercussion so when I talked about this with my director, then she told me that I have to play this character with charm because he has no filters while speaking to you as an actor has to bring inherent charm in that character then audience can like the character so, me and my director tried to bring more cuteness to this character. I feel after a long gap, I performed freely in this film. I did action and sang songs in this film. In my earlier film like ‘Dishoom’ or ‘Hawa Hawai’, I wasn’t performing on songs but then I this film’s offer came my way in which main lead of the film wants to become an actor so I instantly agreed to do this film.”

Talking about the film, Saqib said, “After a long time, I am coming up with a happy film in which no one is crying or dying and everyone loving each other. It’s a film about friendship and love. We have made this film without any melodrama. We have tried to keep this film real and contemporary so I am hopeful that audience would be able to connect with our film.”

Industry people are criticizing makers of ‘Dil Junglee’ as in trailer, it has been seen that one character from ‘Dil Junglee’ is making a shameful comment on yesteryear’s late actress Lalita Pawar, reacting to that criticism, Saqib said, “That dialogue is not mine. Abhilash’s (Thapliyal) character says that dialogue in the film. When we were making this film, we didn’t have intention to hurt anyone. A writer of this film has tried to write this film in colloquial Delhi without any intention of hurting anyone’s intention. Makers of this film wanted to look this film real in terms of each characters accent or their look so in that sense we incorporated that dialogue in the film”

’ is releasing around Valentine’s week so talking about that, Saqib said, “This film is another reason for us to celebrate love. The most beautiful universal emotion in this world is love and I think we have to celebrate that not just on Valentine’s Day but on each day. By love, I don’t’ mean with your girlfriend or boyfriend but everyone including your friends and family”

‘Dil Junglee’ stars Saqib Saleem, Taapsee Pannu, Abhilash Thapliyal, Shrishti Shrivastav and Nidhi Singh in key roles.

It is directed by Aleya Sen and produced by Jackky Bhagnani and Deepshikha Deshmukh and it is releasing on 16th February, 2018.