A step to give new platform for young writers, 3rd Open Mic at Kanpur | Mid Night Diary

Open MIc - Mid Night Diary (1)
Open MIc - Mid Night Diary

February 24, 2018, | Kanpur, An was successfully organized in Back ‘n’ More Cafe located near Kanpur Bagia Crossing by Mid Night Diary (A Delhi based writing platform) while fulfilling its promise to give the young writer’s a new platform. This was the third in the city orgazined by Mid Night Diary. Priyank Srivastava, who performed in Mumbai Hebeit, shared his experiences with everyone, while on the other hand, the magic of the words of young writers like Anuj Pandey and Krishna Kumar Pandey was all over. In the successful organizing of the Mid Night Diary’s in the city, Raghavendra Prajapati from Naubasta, Bhavna Tripathi from Yashoda Nagar and Gobind Singh from Harjindranagar were an important contributor.

Open MIc - Mid Night Diary (2)

Prof. Arvind Saxena, Professor of BDD, recites the poem “Ek Ladka Deewana Ho Gaya” by introducing a new definition of love to everyone. Along with this, Musafir Tanjim of Akbarpur narrated the pain of the small children under the burden of the bag from his poetry. This journey of poems and ghazals was enhanced by Saurabh Dwivedi from his poem ‘Meri Prem Kahani’. Jugalbandi of Bhavna and Raghavendra’s tied all the audiences during the program.

In the of the Mid Night Diary people from nearby places like Shivam Kushwaha from Orai, Anubhav Kush from Unnao, Musafir Tanjim from Akbarpur, Abhinav Saxena from Bareli and Priyank Srivastava from Mumbai lodged their presence like every time. Not only this, even in the , the young women of the city also got their courage. Aarti Chaudhary from Kanpur taught everyone about the new meaning of life through her poetry, and the new style of Ayushi Pal’s poem and thought forced people to the applause. After listening to ‘You Come So Right’, a poem by Deepanshi Pandey, everyone become little emotional, while with Raghavendra’s fun everyone laughed at all.

Aman Singh Kushwaha (Founder, Midnight Diary) from Delhi also came to the city on the occasion of this third of Mid Night Diary. During the conversation, he told that there are many other big plans for the city in the bucket list of Mid Night Diary, but for being the time, they want to connect more young writers and artists of the city to the Midnight Diary. So that young people have the perfect opportunity to show their talent and writing ability. In the 20 total performances, Aman also recites his poem ‘Ladkhdate Kadmon Ko Chalna Shikhaya Aapne, Aur Pankh Failana Bhi Aapse Seekha Hai…’ which he had written for his professors and teachers, he shared his applause with everyone.

The people who mark their present at are Saurabh Dwivedi, Arvind Saxena, Shailraj, Aarti Chaudhary, Manish Kumar, Krishna Kumar Pandey, Abhinav Sakhan, Anuj Pandey, Deep Singh Pandey, Ayushhi Pal, Sikha Singh, Arvind Dwivedi, Shivam Kushwaha (Orai), Anubhav Kush (Unnao), Musafir Tanjim (Akbarpur), Priyanka Shrivastav (Mumbai). Among the listeners, many senior Theater artists like Omendra Kumar (Anukharan Rangamandal, Kanpur), Arunendra Soni (Uttam Career Institute, Kanpur), College Professors, Kanpur FM channel’s RJ, youngsters’ parents and friends were included.

After completion, the of Mid Night Diary, Aman Singh Kushwaha (Founder, Midnight Diary) told that such a similar was organized in Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, also on 25 February 2018. He also informed that soon after watching the interest in the writing of youth, the workshop of writing will be organized in the city soon, so that the young people of the city can better understand the nuances related to writing and learn something new.