14th Feb is like a men’s working day: Jai Bhanushali

14th Feb is like a men's working day Jai Bhanushali
14th Feb is like a men's working day Jai Bhanushali

with wife Mahhi Vij was spotted at the Bally’s Casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka, celebrating valentine’s day. During interaction Jay said, 14th Feb is like a men’s working day.

When asked about celebrating 14th Feb with wife Mahhi, Bhanushali said, “It’s a very day special because we get to treat our wives and that this time we are together on the day. Usually, I am shooting somewhere so happy to be with her today. In the entire world men do something for their wives, or else the rest of the year will go for a toss (laughs). 14th Feb is like a men’s working day, we have to impress our wives, it’s funny because the day was actually for couples but women over the years turned it into wives being treated by men’s day.”

Talking about spending time at Bally’s Casino when asked if Jai regularly like visiting the venue he said, “This is my first tip to Sir Lanka and the first time I have come to Bally’s Casino. I keep visiting casinos in Goa and since there isn’t much distance between Goa and Sir Lanka now this will become a regular visit for me. I hope this year is lucky for me.”

Bally’s Casino in Sri Lanka, is located in the heart of the capital city, Colombo. The Casino is situated away from city’s hectic landmarks but is also near to major shopping malls in the city.

It has become a trend in the past few years when popular destinations invite Bollywood celebrities on New Year’s Eve and organize big events, parties to celebrate the occasion.