You can’t define super-stardom as its about feeling attached to it says Karan Johar


Filmmaker and producer attended the promotional press conference of Star Plus upcoming show ‘India’s Next Superstars’ along with Rohit Shetty on Friday in Mumbai. During the press conference, Karan said that you can’t define super-stardom, it’s about feeling attached to it.

When asked Karan that how he will define a superstar, Karan said, “It’s really difficult to define super-stardom. If all of us knew the definition of the superstar then we will have millions of them because there is no definition of it. It’s a feeling that an actor and an artist has with the audience, something that is organic. You don’t know why you love Shah Rukh Khan, why you loved Rajesh Khanna and why you have deep respect and admiration for Mr. Bachchan. It’s something the X-factor that they bring to celluloid that just makes you feel like they are part of your life. Why do you love Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit or Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt? You love them because you connect with them on a level that you can’t express but I feel the biggest connect of a Superstar is that he or she has with audience personally. You start engulfing them in your life. Some of them feel they are their lover or husband or brother or father. They have instant family connect with the audience and their heart and that is something that none of us know. I get feeling when I watch an audition of an actor that whether he has quality of a star or not so I don’t think it has an expression or explanation, it has its feeling”

It is first time and Rohit Shetty coming together for a reality show, talking about his new innings with Rohit Shetty, Karan said, “It’s an initiative of Star Plus that they brought me and Rohit (Shetty) together on this show and this show concept is to find new talent and I think filmmakers is duty to judge and present the talent and I am glad that Star Plus and Endemol gave us opportunity to associate with this show. Rohit and I respect each other a lot. There are friendship and bond and now we have professional connection as well so taking that relationship forward we both have come on this show and through this show, our will be to give audience and industry a new superstar”

When asked Karan who does he think is the biggest superstar of India, “I feel India’s biggest superstar is its audience because without them we are incomplete and we can’t do anything without them so they are the superstar and we are working for them and they don’t work for us”

When asked Karan after Priyanka Chopra whether Kangana Ranaut will come in ‘India’s Next Superstars’, Karan said, “I am sure if Star Plus invites Kangana Ranaut, I am sure that we will be happy to have her. Our heat is big and our house is always open for guests so if anyone who comes on this show we will happily welcome them with lot of love and respect”

and Rohit Shetty has promised that they will give the opportunity to winner of the show to work in their film, talking about it, Karan said, “We will take winners of ‘India’s Next Superstars’ in prominent roles whether it’s in Rohit Shetty’s film or Dharma production’s films or its collaboration between Rohit Shetty, Dharma production, and Fox Star and I feel it is responsible to fulfill our promise on this ground.”

When asked Karan who according to him is upcoming superstar of Hindi film industry, Karan said, “I think in this generation, there are lots of good actors apart from Ranbir Kapoor, , Varun Dhawan, we have Arjun Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sidharth Malhotra, Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana and Sushant Singh Rajput and they are getting lots of good opportunities to show their talents as well so we can’t categorize that there are only 3-4 upcoming superstars. I feel all of them are doing some fine work out there and as filmmakers, I hope that I get an opportunity to work with everybody”

The filmmakers will be judging 20 budding talents from which two — male and female talents will be given an opportunity to work with the ace filmmakers. The show will air from January 13.