‘Vodka Diaries’ is a suspense thriller in its true sense says Mandira Bedi


Actress attended the promotional press conference of her upcoming film ‘’ on Saturday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Mandira stated that her film ‘’ is suspense thriller in its true sense.

When asked Mandira what prompted her to work in ‘, she said, “When you read a script and you can imagine yourself playing that character and wanting to play that character, I think that’s what it is for me. When I was reading the script of this film, I could actually imagine myself playing this character and I really got involved in the script while reading it and I wanted to know more as it progressed because till the end, you don’t get the idea what’s happening in the film. This is a suspense thriller in its true sense and apart from that, I questioned myself that whether this film can be made without my character and I felt without my character this film wouldn’t have been made and of course, it was good opportunity for me to work with wonder actor like so that’s how I said yes to the film”

plays poet in the film, talking about her character in the film, she said, “I am playing a role of Shikha Dixit in the film who is wife Ashwini Dixit (). She is a poet and she has her own identity. This film throws light on their beautiful husband-wife relationship. There is a lot of naughtiness and fun in their relationship. My character is very feminine and graceful and lovely, which is far from the character that Mandira is that’s why it was more of a challenge to play character like that”

Since Mandira plays the character of a poet so when asked Mandira whether she has fondness when it comes to poetry, she said, “Sometimes, I read mature, beautiful, romantic poetries but to play the character of a poet and narrating poetry to the audience is completely two different aspects. People often used to ask me that how I do cricket analysis so I think discussing about cricket with friends is one thing but to sit with panel of experts and to make analysis of a cricket game is really serious job so the same goes with playing this character as well so playing a poet onscreen was big challenge for me as an actor”

Talking about shooting locations and difficulties faced by entire team while shooting the film in cold climate, Mandira said, “We have shot this film in Manali. There are really beautiful locations which we have shown in our film. It will be visual treat for audience and this film also going to make audience think so it’s a treat for brain as well so I feel audience shouldn’t miss experiencing this film “

“Shooting in the cold climate of Manali was tough. It is completely different thing for gents as they can wear jackets, suits while shooting in cold climate but for woman character, we see that character wearing saree or dress or salwar so it becomes difficult for us but that’s what shooting in difficult locations and in spite of difficult location and weather, we have completed this film in really short span of time and I think that’s commendable and all credit goes to Kushal (director) and .”

’ is set in the misty town of Manali, ACP Ashwini Dixit () is in the quest to solve series of mysterious murders happening over a single night, which seem to be connected to a nightclub, .

It stars , , Raima Sen and Sharib Hashmi in key roles.

It is being directed by debutant director Kushal Srivastva and produced by Vishal Karkera, Vishal Raj, Kushal Srivastava, Atul Pupneja and Vivek Sudhindra Kulshrestha.

’ is scheduled to release on 19th January 2018.