Trolling is like cursing at someone in their own house, and that’s not right: Ranvvijay Singh


was spotted at the launch of India Limited Edition Of Men’s Jewelry.  During media interaction, he talked about his new MTV show Troll Police and how trolling is like cursing at someone in their own house, and that’s not right.

Rannvijay’s New MTV show Troll Police are about the unacceptable backlash people receive from internet trolls. When heard he recently met Benafsha and Priyank and asked if they are part of the show he said, “A lot of people have trolled Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank for their actions. So through the show, they got the chance to express themselves and say things in return to the trollers. In today’s date no matter who you are a journalist, a celebrity,  a commoner, trolls will attack you and say whatever they want and that’s not right. Freedom of speech gives you the right to say whatever you want on your own platform, within your friends or your house. You can’t invade someone else’s life or enter their house and curse at them. Entering someone else’s Instagram and saying bad things is similar to cursing at them in their house. So things like these will also be part of the show where people will be informed and made aware of these laws.”

Talking about the men’s accessories collection Rannvijay said, “The ideas of men accessories came from abroad at first. the men accessories abroad are so amazing, all these big showrooms have them right next tot eh cash counter. they look so nice you end up buying them. So when actually started designing for the brand, we didn’t want our kids to look beyond us for men’s jewelry.  It is also fun for me creatively.”‘

Rannvijay who is known to actively support Big Boss contestants in previous seasons when asked who he is supporting for the finale he said,  “Vikas, he has worked with MTV before as a creative head and many look up to him. he wasn’t a celebrity before but he has managed to gain support and love from so many people through the show, he deserves to win I think.

Troll Police will be aired on Channel MTV with the host as Rannvijay Singh.