Sidharth Malhotra Apologizes To Neetu Chandra


is slowly turning into RGV for courting controversies over petty issues. This time around the actor had to apologize to Neetu Chandra on Twitter for disrespecting the Bhojpuri language.
recently made an appearance on Salman Khan’s TV reality show, Bigg Boss 11 where he and the team of Aiyaary were spotted promoting the film.
During the show, Salman Khan gave Manoj Bajpayee and a task to narrate one of his dialogues in the Bhojpuri language. But Sidharth tried to make a funny joke which didn’t go well with Neetu, who took to her Twitter account and blasted the actor.
Neetu Chandra wrote on Twitter, “So disappointed @S1dharthM some1who is so fortunate 2 work wd d best. Who despite being an outsider has made a name 4 himself, 4 U 2 use ur words so loosely. 2 disrespect #Bhojpuri on national TV. SHOCKED! How on earth does speaking in #Bhojpuri gives u a latrine feeling. Shame on U”
Realizing his mistake, Sidharth apologized to Neetu on social media, stating, “I recently tried speaking a new language while I was on a TV show. In the process, if I inadvertently hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments, I apologise and assure you that no disrespect was meant in any way”
In fact veteran actor Manoj Bajpayee also vouched for Sidharth’s apology as he tweeted, “It was all fun and there was no intention of making a mockery. I vouch for it as I was there and I understand and speak the language as good as or better than many. बुझाइल? नीक रही।खुस रही।”
Aiyaary Releases on 9th February 2018.