Shweta Bachchan and Rahul Khanna launched Rukhshana Eisa’ book ‘The Golden Code’


and Nanda launched Rukhshana Eisa first book named ‘’ on Thursday in Mumbai.

Talking about, Rukhshana Eisa’s book ‘’, said, “It’s about book on manners, etiquettes, grooming and basically how in everyday situation if you are entertaining or if it’s about sending a working e-mail or how to handle something in modern age it about how to navigate that so I think it’s very timely book and I have read it. Rukhshana has done a great job with the book and it’s wonderful.”

Talking about Rukhshana Eisa, Shweta said, “Rukhshana is wonderful hostess and wonderful kind human being, always there to help out. It’s an absolute joy being entertained by her. She is impeccable in manners and in everything else. You can’t get a better person to write a book like this”

Talking about, Rukhshana Eisa’s book ‘’, said, “I haven’t read the book but I will definitely read it. I have heard that this is a book about etiquettes, manners, and grooming and Rukhshana is one of the few people in this country who really has the expertise to write a book about this. I am very happy that she is sharing her wisdom with all of us so that we can become more polite, refined and perhaps more respectful towards everyone”

Talking about her book Rukhshana Eisa said, “Its book about etiquettes and it’s about how everyone should behave. It’s very easy reading.  It’s not meant for a particular age group. Everyone can read right from housewife to corporate, anybody who wants to know how to behave. I feel everybody should follow etiquettes today which something that we have forgotten so through this book, I just tried to bring it to forefront”

Madhu Shah and Vikram Phadnis also attended Rukhshana Eisa Book Launch event.