R Madhavan refused the titled of King of Smiles.


R Madhavan,  Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi and producer Vikram Malhotra were present at the teaser laugh of his upcoming Web series ‘’ on Tuesday. During media interaction, Madhavan said, he refused the title of king of smiles.

Madhavan who has been part of South Cinema and Bollywood successfully for many years was asked if, juggling the two industry has caused him the title of a superstar, he said, “I totally agree with you, they wanted to give me a title but I said no. They were really offended when I said no, but it I’ll tell you one thing, my biggest award in my life is after 20 years I am still playing the main leads and the kind of work that I want to do. And I am known as Maddy Paji, Maddy Bhai, Maddy bhaijan, Maddy unna all over the world. I think that’s an award very few can claim.”

The show talks about organ donation, when asked if the show makes a conscious effort to promote organ donation, he said, “I have already registered myself as an organ donor some 10 yrs ago. People will become more aware of organ donation because of the show, they will find out things like in Japan and France organ donations compulsory. If you can save 5 lives by organ donation why not. There are myth’s around organ donation that if you donate, your half body will not go to heave, We have addressed such things in the show. It wasn’t our intention to make the show to promote organ donation our intention was to present a great story but we also felt a responsibility not to hurt other feelings and if possible to encourage this good deed.”

When asked what title, was he offered, Maddy said, “It was King of smiles.”

Directed by Mayank Sharma, and presented by Abundantia Entertainment, ‘’ stars R Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi and Neena Kulkarni.

Presenters Amazin Prime Original will air first 3 episode on 26th Jan followed by a weekly release of remaining episodes on Amazon Prime platform.