Prosenjit Chatterjee connects with Aamir Khan when it comes to working in different kind of cinema


Bengali film Superstar hosted special screening of his bengali film ‘Mayurakshi’ on Thursday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Prosenjt stated that he connects with when it comes to working in different kind of cinema.

is considered as legend of Bengali cinema so when asked how he sees ’s jorney in Bollywood who does similar kind of content driven cinema just the way he does in Bengali cinema, Prosenjit said, “Aamir is really good friend of mine and we share really good relationship. I think he is one of those actors who believe in mainstream cinema but at the same time very different kind of cinema and more importantly he supports it. He not only acts in different kind of cinema but he also produce or presents that kind of films and I somewhere I connect to him in terms of working in different kind of cinema because I think I am person who had been working in Bengali cinema for 33-34 years and I have done around 300 mainstream commercial films but from last 10-15 years, the kind of cinema I do is also very innovative and people also come with the mindset to watch the film it is not going to be regular cinema and I feel Aamir is not just an actor he lives cinema so I have complete respect for him”

Talking about response to his recently released film ‘Mayurakshi’ Prosenjit said, “‘Mayurakshi’ is pan Indian release in Hyderbad, Banglore, Mumbai and Delhi so we have hosted special screening of the film for my friends in Mumbai and I feel everybody is excited because it is first time in Bengali cinema where Soumitra Chatterjee who is legend of Bengali cinema and me are working together and I am very happy that the way this film has received by the audience and we have been great reviews for the film. It’s not so called commercial film so I am hopeful that audience here in Mumbai will also give positive feedback to the film”

Mayurakshi narrates an intensely emotional tale of a 84-year-old father Sushovan, (Soumitra Chatterjee) a brilliant former professor of History, presently suffering from age related neurological problems including dementia and cognitive dysfunction. His middle-aged son Aryanil  ()visits him, an intimately sensitive man going through an unsettling phase in his personal life. Though deeply attached to his father, Aryanil is settled in Chicago,USA, and as such cut off from the soul who shaped his life. Within a five-day span of reunion, lost chapters get curiously reopened and incidents long buried suddenly turn relevant. Few days become more eventful than years and through the process of confrontation with aging and destiny, Aryanil seeks hope and sustenance in his own life.

‘Mayurakshi’ stars Soumitra Chatterjee, , Indrani Halder  Sudipta Chakraborty and Gargee Roy Chakraborty.

‘Mayurakshi’ released in 29th December, 2017.