Padmaavat: What are those 26 cuts, What the Impact on the film


Its seems that Controversies always give some positive results to the films, and in past also we have seen many films where makers of the film got free publicity for the film. Lots of Media coverage, lots of Gossips and too without any expenses. The same thing happened with (earlier known as ). Whatever the reason true or fake but Sanjay Leela got a lot of media coverage without any cost. Now the situation comes to that point where every Indian wants to see this film in the theater.

No Doubt Sanjay Leela Bhansali will get some monitory benefit out of this controversy and people might not rush for the film on day one due to Karni Sena’s threat, but gradually one this long weekend we will see a huge rush on cinema halls and film easily crossed 100 Cr. in the first weekend.

Now, the big question is what about those 26 cuts in the film, are they hiding the truth?. Well, I have seen this film yesterday morning and already shared my review on the portal. What I think some edit was sure shot happened with the film. I am not aware of the number of cuts but if you will see the film you will realize the motive of the film has deviated from the objective. At the end, you will not find any defame of Rajput community and every scene of the film was strongly convey the pride and glory of Rajput community.

The film is now more focused on the Khilji’s character and as Khilji left a strong mark on me. While coming out from the cinema hall I was thinking about the Khilji and his scenes and dialogues instead of or . That’s why I am saying there were some edits in the scenes which surely leave an impact on the Character and her story.