Nervous about how audience will receive Dasdev says Rahul Bhat


Actor Rahul Bhat attended promotional photo shoot of his upcoming film ‘Dasdev’ on Saturday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Rahul said that he is nervous about how the audience will receive ‘Dasdev’.

When asked Rahul that was he got nervous while shooting this film because it’s his proper solo lead film, he said, “I think an artist should be nervous and shouldn’t be nervous. There are times when an actor feels nervous but when you are performing a scene he shouldn’t be nervous. He can be nervous before or after the performance. When an actor enters into his zone performing his character then I feel he forgets everything. I certainly have so much expectation with film but I am more nervous about how an audience will receive this film. I hope the kind of effort we have put in the making of this film same amount of positive response I feel we should get from the audience then as it is will be helpful for my career.”

Talking about his upcoming film ‘Dasdev’, Rahul said, “Audience must have watched ‘Devdas’ so many times, right from Kundanlal Saigal Saab, Yusuf Saab (Dilip Kumar) then Shah Rukh Khan and Abhay Deol playing Devdas in their respective films so audience has seen the story from ‘Dev to Das’ so many times but in this film audience will see story from ‘Das to Dev’ that’s why this film name is ‘Dasdev’.

When asked Rahul whether ‘Dasdev’ will be a political satire, he said, “It’s not a political satire. It is the story of lot people caught in political or today’s environment. It’s a basically ‘love in the times of bullshit’, when there is lot tension in the surroundings that time whether there is the possibility of love or not. The characters in this film are opposite to which you have seen earlier versions of ‘Devdas’ like the central character of Paro, Chandni (Chandramukhi) and Devdas. They are all strong-headed characters in this film. It’s basically a love story but the film certainly has a political backdrop.”

When asked Rahul whether is ready for comparisons with Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan who earlier has played the role of ‘Devdas’, he said, “See.. before me, legendary actors has played the character of Devdas. Dilip saab (Kumar) is like a god. Shah Rukh Khan known as King Khan is also a brilliant actor so I have also tried to put small effort on my side to play this character. As far as comparison is concerned you can’t compare me with them because they are huge artists and I am no one in front of them. I just have to say that it’s an honest effort form my side. I can’t praise myself by saying that during the shooting of the film, I went through internal conflict and I used to drink a lot to get into the skin of the character or like most of the actors say that I am working on my body from 2 years. I think each has their own perspective to play a character and I can also say these things but I think when this film will get released then audience will decide whether I have done justice to my character or not”

Sharing his experience working with Sudhir Mishra, Rahul said, “Sudhir ji is very interesting kind of director. All of us know that he has made some amazing movies like ‘Ye Saali Zindagi’, “Dharavi’ or ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ so I get to learn a lot from Sudhir ji. When I did ‘Ugly’ with Anurag Kashyap, he told me very important point that an actor must be honest between the period of ‘action’ and ‘cut’. The more honesty actor will show in that time space, the more his performance will get emerged in a better manner be it theatre play or film likewise, Sudhir ji has told me that each actor looks at a particular scene in a very typical way but as an actor you have to break that barrier by doing that usual scene in a completely unusual manner that’s when audience will also realize that this actor has approached this scene in a different way and they will praise that as well” so of course when you work with such seasoned director then as actor you get so much of help from their valuable inputs”

‘Dasdev’ stars Saurabh Shukla, Richa Chadda, Aditi Rao Hydari and Rahul Bhat, of “Ugly” fame, will have references to author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic novel ‘Devdas’ and even playwright William Shakespeare.

It is directed by Sudhir Mishra and it is scheduled to release on 2nd March, 2018.

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