Mukkabaaz was a role I wanted someone to cast me in, says Vineet Singh


the lead of Anurag Kashyap’s latest release has been praised by Critics and audience for his amazing performance, since before its release. During an interview, Vineet said, he wrote the script because no one was offering him the kind of roles he wanted to play.

Vineet who also created and wrote the story for was asked how did he begin writing the film’s script he said, “After I finished shooting for Ugly there wasn’t much work to do during post-production. Even if there was dubbing that was for a few hours only. The movies that I did after, were the roles that I had done previously, so nobody was actually thinking about the kind of roles I wanted to do. Because they hadn’t seen me do any different before. That’s when I thought about writing my own script for a role that I wanted to do myself.”

Vineet who has played 6 National Level Basketball games said the years had helped him with the kind of knowledge he needed to write the script. “I used to play Basketball on a National level before. I have played 6 national level games. I aware of sports regulations, system and the things that happen behind the fame. People know about sportsmen when they win but they don’t know the years of hardship they go through before that.

While talking about taking up acting as a profession Vineet shared some of his childhood memories that lead him to become an actor he said, “I used to love to act since childhood. And my sister and brother have always been very supportive and have believed in me and my work. They have been my first audience and my critic, and they still are. It wasn’t really encouraged in our family so we used to do it secretly. I hadn’t thought about acting until I actually went to medical school.

When I went there and participated in cultural activities, I strongly started to feel the passion towards acting. I didn’t know how to start or where to begin. It was my luck that there a talent hunt going on at the time and my sister informed me about it. I auditioned for it got selected in that’s where things started.” he added.

Asked if he ever thought any of his previous films would be the turning point of his life, he said, “I used to think every movie will be the turning point of my life. Even if I have a single scene, I’d do it well, thinking maybe somebody will see it and offer me another chance. Because of that sincerity where ever I worked, I was always repeated.”

While talking about his future projects Vineet told News Helpline, “I will be part of the movie ‘Gold’ with Akshay Kumar. It is too soon to say anything about my character right now but I always try to do something different and that’s what I am doing in gold in my character is very different than anything I’ve ever done.”

’ presented by Phantom Films and Colour Yellow Films stars, Vineet Kumar Singh, Zoya Hussain, Ravi Kishan, and Jimmy Shergill.

The film traveled to various film festivals abroad, opened MAMI Mumbai film festival in 2017 and commercially released on 12th Jan