Manveer Gurjar’s debut film ‘Aaj Ki Ayodhya’ goes on floor

winner of Big Boss season 10 is debuting in Bollywood with the film titled ‘’. During a media interaction, the actor said, he had been waiting eagerly for the project to start and is glad that it is finally happening.
Talking about this debut in Bollywood, Manveer said, “This project of mine had been pending for quite some time now but I am glad that it is finally happening. ‘Aaj ki Ayodha’ is starting today and everyone will soon be able to see it. I think it always takes more time in this industry if you are trying to do good. “
Manveer disclosed his character in the film is called ‘Rudra’, who moves to a city for a job but is devastated to see his village’s condition when he comes back. In an effort to right the wrong, he tries his best to make things better for the people of this village.
the film’s title suggests, the film is about Ram’s Ayodhya and has a Mythological backdrop, when asked about the same he said, “people have been using the city’s name in every way possible, positive, negative, in relation to Ram, building temples and mosques. But they don’t understand that the city and devotion are beyond any religion or cast.  I won’t say that the film talks about that but yes you might find some similarities. The Mythological base is used in such a way that you will be able to relate and understand the message we are trying to give.”
He further added, “We are not trying to turn this film into a political drama. The story we are trying to show is about a village who is trying to make its stand and do something for its people. As far as I have read the script there is no connection to the Ram Rajya.”
Talking about his future projects and possibilities of other movies he said, “as soon as ‘’ releases this year I will announce what is in future for me.”
Produced by Anand Kumar Gupta and directed by Naresh Dhuhlani, the film is set to shot in Mumbai and Banaras.
’ is scheduled for release in March 2018.