‘Koi Kahani Shuru Toh Kar’ song is really relevant song in Aiyaary says Sidharth Malhotra


Lead star cast ‘Aiyaary’, and Rakulpreet Singh shot for ‘’, a promotional song from ‘Aiyaary’ on Monday at Pillai College’s annual festival ‘Alegria- The Festival of Joy 2018’ in Mumbai. During press interaction, Sidharth said that ‘’ is really relevant song in ‘Aiyaary’

Talking about song, Sidharth said, “It’s a song made for the youth. This song’s lyrics means a lot for today’s youth. Through this song, we are encouraging them to start something and to bring change in the society since they are the future of our country. It was the ideal situation for us to come here and shoot a song”

When asked whether this song is in the film, to that, Sidharth said, “This song is not in the film. It’s a promotional song but this song is really related and relevant to the film because this film will encourage us to bring change”

Sharing shooting experience at Pillai College’s annual festival ‘Alegria- The Festival of Joy 2018’, Sidharth said, “We have come to Pillai College to shoot a song for our upcoming film ‘Aiyaary’. We are shooting in front of actual students who gave us energy and celebrated our film’s song entire day. They have been great sport. We enjoy a lot dancing and singing with them so I think the video is going to come out really well and we are very glad that we came here and shot song for our film”

Talking about the concept of the song, Rakulpreet said, “First time, we have used this concept to shoot a song. Anyone hasn’t shot song with live students. The vibe is very real and the energy of students was infectious and there energy was transferring to us. We had a blast shooting for this song. It’s a youth anthem and I don’t think there would have been a better place than a college”

When asked Sidharth whether he remembered his own college days while shooting song in a college premises, to that Sidharth said, “I am from Bhagat Singh College from Delhi University and I remember, in our college fest, Singer Mika Singh came to perform and we went crazy seeing him in front of us and he performed really well but this time, things turned around and I was on stage and people were enjoying my performance so it was great feeling and I really enjoyed it”

Remembering her college days Rakulpreet said, “I studied in JMC college from Delhi University and our college fest also used to be really popular and another reason being that it was a girl’s college so lots of Bhagat Singh students used to come to JMC fest so it did take me back to my college days and it was lot of fun”

Last year’s controversial film ‘Pamdvati’s producers now decided that they will release there film on 26th January, it means that it will now clash with ‘Aiyaary’ so when asked Sidharth whether they have decided to postpone release of their film, to that, Sidharth said, “We haven’t decided anything officially. I think we are coming on 26th January. We will decide and make really announcement really soon”

Neeraj Pandey is known to present films backed by power packed performances with an ensemble cast. Starring Manoj Bajpayee and as the mentor and protege, Aiyaary also stars Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, Kumud Mishra, Pooja Chopra, Adil Hussain and Vikram Gokhale in pivotal roles.

Aiyaary revolves around two strong-minded army officers having completely different views, yet right in their own ways. The film portrays Sidharth as an army officer sharing a mentor-protégé bond with Manoj Bajpayee.