Kay Kay Menon feels that film’s script should inspire and attract the actor before doing it


Versatile actor attended promotional press conference of his upcoming film ‘’ on Saturday in Mumbai. During press conference, Menon said that actor should feel inspired and attract with film’s script before doing it.

When asked Menon what he prompts him to work in a certain movie, to that, he said, “For me, the most important thing while working in movie is the maturity of script and film’s script should be such that it should inspire you to work in that film and with this film’s script that happened with me. I feel when you read a certain script that time it automatically attracts you towards it. I don’t analyze much before selecting a movie. I feel if you have an attraction towards a script then you go with the flow with the script”

“When I met Kushal (Director) that time I realized that he has the passion to make this film as his integrity was reflecting in the film’s script and other than that, we have great team which includes Mandira (Bedi) and Raima (Sen) so then I thought with this team, we can make a good film and that happened and according me, Kushal is going to make double century on his directorial debut”

Talking about his character in ‘’, Menon said, “I am playing character of Ashwini Dixit who is an ACP (Police Officer) investigating murders in his area. It is an interesting character so he goes through that journey to solve murder mystery in the film and there are many things in the subtext of that character as the film progresses”

has worked in different kind of films through his entire film career so when asked him which kind of genre he loves to explore more, Menon said, “I am comfortable in all that roles in which I don’t need to reduce my actual height”

Talking about content of ‘’, Menon said, “We have made this film with lot of heart and effort. I feel audience should give encouragement to such kind of different films so I would urge our audience that they should see good content which is good for their health as well. When you watch other kind of films and don’t get bored of that then I feel when you see a content driven film then it will be good for your mental and emotional health and I would like to add that please don’t keep your mind in home while watching the film because often people say such lines to escape from criticism so audience should carry their brain with themselves while watching this film”

Many times it has been seen that film industry people consider as ‘Dark Horse’ of the industry, reacting to it, Menon said, “I just want to tell them that don’t do horse riding on me. I am comfortable people calling me Horse or Donkey but I will not give ride anyone on me”

’ has been shot in Manali, Himachal Pradesh so when asked Menon shooting experience in cold condition, he said, “Working in cold condition was tough because we didn’t had the luxury to wear that kind of cloths especially for Mandira’s character because she plays a normal wife in the film who wear a saree or a dress”

is set in the misty town of Manali, ACP Ashwini Dixit () is in quest to solve series of mysterious murders happening over a single night, which seem to be connected to a night club, .

It stars , Mandira Bedi, raima Sen and Sharib Hashmi in key roles.

It is being directed by debutant director Kushal Srivastva and produced by Vishal Karkera, Vishal Raj, Kushal Srivastava, Atul Pupneja and Vivek Sudhindra Kulshrestha.

’ is scheduled to release on 19th January, 2018.