Kajol wants entertainment industry to be completely tax-free


Actress attended launch of Hindustan Unilever’s ‘’ campaign as their brand ambassador on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, said that she wants entertainment industry to be completely tax free.

Union Budget of India will be presented on February 1, so when asked what’s her expectations with Union Budget, She said, “That’s very involved and complicated question which I don’t know whether I have the expertise to discuss it but if you ask me, I ideally want entertainment industry to be completely tax-free but since not that going to happen in my foreseeable future, I will leave up to government to do as they see best”

When asked why she agreed to be associated with this campaign, she said, “I involved in this campaign because I truly believe in it. It’s something that, we can make difference to and we can make difference with. I feel as a country we can do it, it not about just me. I may able to effect my environment but if people join our campaign they will be able to affect their environment and I may be able affect mine. Often people say that how a single individual can make a difference but I feel each of us can. When we speak about ‘’, we talk about changing a thought pattern, way of thinking so that we can get better future not only for our self but for our children and for the next generations. We want to make our effort in the direction where next generation can realize that we took their health seriously and we did something about it. We believe that cleanliness is next to godliness and if we all aspire towards godliness, I think the first step towards that would be to make a cleaner and better India”

Since was attending event relating to cleanliness so when asked her that she has to say about some unhygienic viewpoints in our country, “There are so many of it. I haven’t made long list of it but I feel if we will start focusing on actual cleanliness of environment and surroundings then we will be able to reach out towards some unhygienic viewpoints sooner than later”

Nowadays, most of the top celebrities are getting involved in social campaign so when asked how does she looks that scenario, she said, “I think it’s a good thing whatever the reasons may be to be associated with the certain campaign as far as the result is correct. I feel people need to stand up and talk about things. I don’t think that it would be a cause if there was not necessity for it. As far as celebrities are concerned, I think when I switch on television as a layman then, I would definitely listen to what a celebrity is talking about and that is what I feel is the strong point of a celebrity that we easily get recognized and people admire us that’s why people sometime listen to what we are saying and that’s why I also involved myself in this cause”

In other news, the Supreme Court has modified its earlier order on playing the national anthem in cinema halls and has made it non-mandatory.

Reacting to that, said, “I cannot speak for the rest of the country as for me, whenever I hear the national anthem, I automatically stand up”

When asked her whether she is in agreement with that judgment, said, “I think I gave my answer on that very judgment you can take whatever you feel like”

was also asked about the 12 per cent tax levied by the government on sanitary napkins. The actor said the administration will decide what is best and she would refrain from commenting as she did not have any expertise on the matter. “As far as women’s sanitary napkins are concerned, there is a tax on milk, rice… So, I think the government will know what’s best and how it should be.”

, who was last seen getting mean in ‘VIP 2’, will soon be back with a new project. will now be seen as a single mother in her next which will reportedly be an Ajay Devgn production.