If I ever saw someone win it was Shilpa: Vikas Gupta


Vikas Gupta, a former television producer, and channel head popularly addressed as ‘mastermind’ became one of the 3 top finalists alongside Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. During media interaction after Big Boss finale on Sunday, Vikas said, if he ever so someone win, it was Shilpa.

After Shilpa was announced as Big Boss season 11 winner on Sunday, Vikas was asked how does he feel about her win he said, “Shilpa was my favorite player always. If I ever saw someone win it was Shilpa. It’s very nice to see her win.”

An announcement few days before Big Boss Finale was made revealing that the channel has been in talks for a show especially for Shilpa, on asking about the new project details, Vikas said, “I have no idea as of now, but as soon as we come to a decision we will announce it.”

When asked how it feels to have people know you and have a huge fan following Vikas said, “I just came out, haven’t had as much experience but it was very overwhelming at the Mall. I am hoping that I deserve this love and support from everyone.”

Vikas who is considered as the mastermind of the show was asked, if there is anything even he regrets not doing while on the show, he said, ” I wasted the first 5 weeks of the show. I didn’t know what I was doing, I had no idea as to what the game was. I just feel that I shouldn’t have wasted those 5 weeks.”

Vikas hs grown this fan following in the past few weeks since joining the reality game show Big Boss, when asked if fans will able to see him taking up acting, Vikas said, “I can’t afford to, I have a production house to run. I do a lot of other things also. I do theater and plays. People can buy tickets to them, I would like that. Let’s see if there is anything I like, I would do it.”

Vikas’ eviction was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who had come on the show to promote his Republic Day release, Pad Man.

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