I was nervous and felt like an underdog while shooting Padmaavat says Shahid Kapoor


Actor attended HT Most Stylish Awards 2018 along with his wife Mira Rajput on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Shahid revealed that he was nervous and felt like an underdog while shooting ‘

earned extremely positive reviews for his portrayal of Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh in ‘’ so when asked Shahid whether he felt nervous or feared of being sidelined in the presence of and Ranveer Singh’s character, Shahid said, “Yes.. of course, one has to be honest, as an actor people say that after spending certain time in industry, you get used to success and failure but when you get so much of love and appreciation, it gives you lot of energy and before starting of this film, I always said that I was very nervous because I was new one in this team and My character was least known among all three major characters of the film so it was tough to portray this kind of a character. During that time, people used to ask me about how much screen time you have in this film or am I playing a positive or negative character in the film but my wife was huge support for me she told me that just go out there and express and believe in yourself and I have tried to do that. For me, this is a very important film because honestly it is not most author-backed role in the film and to essay such role and after that, receiving so much praise from the people for my performance is an amazing moment”

When I did ‘Udta Punjab’, Tommy Singh was the loudest character therefore, it was seen more in the promo and Alia’s (Bhatt) and other characters were more subtle so eventually, it’s a film and there are all kinds of characters some of them will be louder and some of them will be subtle but eventually it’s a film that needs to speak for itself till the time you don’t see character in the context but I am absolutely grateful for all appreciation coming my way but before and during the shoot of ‘Padmvaavat’ , I was very nervous and I felt like a underdog but today, I feel very happy”

Talking about response from critics and audience to ‘’, Shahid said, “Today our film has been released. I think the first round for audience screening have started. Of course the critic has been extremely kind to us in the film. It has been long wait for ‘’ therefore, it is so satisfying to see the kind of response that we are getting. In fact yesterday, we shown our film to critics in Delhi and Mumbai and from that time, the twitter has gone mad and we are thankful to everybody because it’s unbelievable and unprecedented. It’s very humbling and satisfying. It’s a happy time for us and now we are waiting to see audience point of view but as of now, the kind of response we have getting is really positive”

When asked Shahid what kind of appeal he wants to do for people who are still opposing’ ’, he said, “We are really happy and we are finding it difficult to express our self. We have made this film by sacrificing our blood and sweat. This film presents Rajput community’s valour and we have honored them in our movie by glorifying them. Yesterday, for the first time I saw the film and I don’t think we can glorify Rajputs than this in a film so this thing people should have in their mind and they should see the film from optimistic point of view”

“From the beginning, we have been saying that at least allow us to show our film and don’t have preconceived notions before that. Now Supreme Court has also given the judgment that the film must be released everywhere. Not just for ‘’ but for every film, Supreme Court in their judgment has said that ban shouldn’t be imposed on films and on this issue they will be having session in March so, I think ‘’ stands for entire industry right now because there should freedom to creativity and there should be sense of liberation when you are expressing yourself. No one is forced to watch a certain film but no one should force people not to watch a certain film and I feel that’s what you call a democracy”

and Ranveer Singh’s fighting sequence in ‘’ is raising eyeballs, talking about that fight sequence Shahid said, “It was amazing to see that fight onscreen but it was very tiring and demanding. That fight has been shot in single shots so there are fewer cuts and what we were wearing was extremely heavy but both of us were so into our character that’s why it looks one of the best sequences from the movie”

Team of ‘Padmavat didn’t promoted their film at all because of continuous controversy surrounding their film so when asked Shahid whether they will promote their film now, Shahid said, “I think we have not really promoted this film and that was the most difficult thing after shooting of this film got over. I thought it’s a nice thing and we will relax because before every release, we do lot of promotion of the film so you get busy entire day but this time around we had to wait for long time and that’s why time wasn’t easily passing. I don’t think we need to promote the film anymore because this film should speak for itself and I think we have done everything that we need to do and now it’s time for people to decide what they feel”

’ is based on the epic poem Padmavat (1540) by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, the film narrates the story of Padmavati, a Rajput queen who committed jauhar to protect herself from Khilji.

In ‘’, stars as Rani Padmavati, alongside as Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh, and Ranveer Singh as Sultan Alauddin Khilji. Aditi Rao Hydari, Jim Sarbh, Raza Murad, and Anupriya Goenka feature in supporting roles.

’ is releasing in India on 25th January, 2018.