I can’t possibly consider myself as competition to Shahid says Ishaan Khatter


Filmmaker Majid Majidi with cast Ishaan Katter and Malavika Mohana and crew launched the Trailer for their upcoming film, ‘’ on Monday. During the interaction, Ishaan said, he couldn’t possibly consider himself as a competition to brother Shahid.

With debuting in Bollywood, when asked if Shahid will face more competition, he said, “No, Shahid is more like a paternal figure in my life. I have learned so much by watching him and I can’t possibly consider myself as competition to him. In fact, I would say we are a team.”

When asked if ‘’ is the debut he had in mind for himself, Ishaan said,”‘’ is closest ideal debut I could ask for. As an actor, it is extremely important, to begin with, someone who will set the foundation for you and your craft. I think for me the biggest learning experience to observe him on set and meditate on what he would tell us.”

As a newcomer to the Bollywood Industry, when asked if Ishaan sought advice from well-settled brother Shahid Kapoor, he said, “I live with my mom and spend most my time with her, so obviously, I asked her for advice at first. The first person after her I would go to would be my brother (Shahid). I felt very strongly about the film. But back then we were in talks about ‘Dhadak’ as my debut with Karan Johar sir so I spoke to him about doing this film. And he was very gracious about it and let me go ahead and do this film.”

While talking about his future projects when asked what kind of films he would like to work in he said, “I would like to be part of films with powerful stories that have a message to spread. I would love to do good cinema.”

Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s first Indian feature film, , revolves around siblings who bid to help each other until one of them ends up in jail. Surrounded by despair, they find a new meaning of life from .

Starring Ishaan Katter and Malavika Mohana, the film will be released worldwide in three languages – Hindi, English, and Tamil.