I and Rohit Shetty are like Buffet – Karan Johar


“I and are like the buffet,” says on the sidelines of “India’s Next superstars” launch.
Filmmaker and hosted a promotional press conference for Star Plus upcoming talent show named ‘India’s Next Superstars’ here in Mumbai.
and hail from two totally different filmmakers, one is commercially action-oriented, whereas Johar is known to explore romantic and family relationship dramas.
So when asked about working together on “India’s Next Superstars” and judging the participants, filmmaker Karna Johar said, “There is always this big buffet for Dinner, where you find a lot of different dishes, so same thing will happen here. Rohit will bring, I will bring emotions, Rohit will bring kicks and punches, I will bring romance, so we are buffet”
The celebrity line-up for the show is still unknown, but the rumors were running wild that newlywed Virat and Anushka will be seen gracing the show but unfortunately expressed he doesn’t know anything about the show line-up.
“The line-up of the show, the celebrities coming to the show, we don’t know about it. And I think Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wants to come to the show, we’d more than happy but I think right now other stuff is occupying their schedule, so I think we might not be on their immediate priority list” adds Karan.
and are also collaborating for the first time with Simmba, starring Ranveer Singh.
The film is Co-produced by Picturez and Dharma Productions, Simmba is scheduled to arrive in theatres across the world on 28th December, 2018.