Hina Khan is the most insecure contestant in Bigg Boss 11 house – Here are the top two instances


season 11 in about to end this week and every contestant inside house is geared up them self for the final attempt. Alright from the last week’s live voting task conducted by the inside the shopping mall in Mumbai given some Idea to all the housemates insite BB11 that what they stands in the Winners race.

Priyank and HIna Khan bigg boss 11.jpg

Getting insecure inside the house is not a new thing and every one felt insecure being eliminated and not to be winner. But if we talk about the most insecure contestant then definitely it would be Hina Khan and here are some of the reasons why I am saying this.

  • For the first time Priyank said that Hina would be the most insecure contestant inside the house. At that time Hina Khan got angry on Priyank and tried to justified herself by giving some excuses like, she is working in the industry from last 8 years and this kind of comment from her best friends will let down her image.
  • Second, when he Boyfriend came inside the house and at the end Hina Khan slowly asked Rocky (her boyfriend) that ‘If I could be the winner of ”. Rocky replied with yes to encourage her. But the fact is that Hina Khan also not sure that she would be the winner.

Rocky and HIna Khan bigg boss 11.jpg

What do you think, who will be the winner of . Tell us in the comment section below.