Filmmaker Johar life coach and adviser on ‘Calling Karan’

Filmmaker who hosts a Radio show titled ‘Calling Karan’ on Ishq Fm, while live on air turned a life coach and adviser for listeners.
On Friday, the director tweeted, “I feel sorry for people who are stuck in relationships they never wanted for themselves. It’s like living a lie. And we must help them come out. #CallingKaran #ishqfm
Watch the full video here:
The shared video shows Karan in his ‘Calling Karan’ studio answering call from a listener. Caller states that he recently got married to women under family pressure but is actually interested in men.
Karan’s very honest and genuine advice for everyone in relationships they never wanted for themselves, is to tell the truth because it will set you free.
Karan said, “If you are a gay man there is no need for you to feel ashamed, or feel lesser. You are no different from any other man in this country or this world. First, you have to know that. You know your orientation, you have acknowledged it, which is strong and which is correct. That is the good thing, You should never feel lesser but walk proudly that you are a gay man.”
Johar who showcased a similar story in film ‘Bombay Talkies’ told him, it’s not right to drag another person (wife) into the mess and adviced him, to be honest with her.
’s upcoming productions are ‘Dhadak’ starring debutant Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan  Khatter in 2018 and ‘Kesari’ with Akshay Kumar in 2019.