Exceedingly happy with the success of Fukrey Returns says Farhan Akhtar


Actor and Filmmaker Farhan Akthar launched Dulux Paints ‘Colour Of the Year 2018’ event on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Farhan said that he is exceeding happy with the success of his last released film ‘Fukrey Returns’.

Reacting to success of his recently produced film “Fukrey Returns’. Farhan said, “I am exceedingly happy that the audience received the film the way that they did. I am very happy for Mrig (Mrigdeep Lamba) who worked very hard to put that film together and just the fact that the people enjoyed it that the way they have. From reviews of the film, to the audience word of mouth on that and of course eventually the box-office, all of it has been very positive and healthy. My deepest gratitude for the people who ended it watched it in theatre”

Farhan Akhtar’s produced series ‘Inside Edge’ received very well by the audience so when asked him whether they are planning to make 2nd season of that series and ever he would like to work in digital platform like most of the Bollywood actors, to that, Farhan said, “We are definitely making second season of “Inside Edge’ and that is work in progress and will I be in a web series or not that remains to be seen and I will discuss that on some other time.”

Recently, Farhan was touring with his band to create awareness about women safety through his initiative MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) but during one concert a women tweeted about misbehavior happened to her and Farhan retweeted it to take action again the culprits reacting on that incident, Farhan said, “In that particular night, we had long meeting with organizers. We are trying our best to prevent such situations from our end but if somebody really is in a mood to misbehave, they will end up doing it unfortunately but we did had long meeting regarding security and if somebody needs to complain or they are uncomfortable they can wave out to security person to help them and after that, I did another concert with same organizers and there, we didn’t faced such issues with any girl or women so, it seems to have work and hopefully , it will remain that way.”

When asked Farhan about Consumer Bill 2018 in which if a celebrity is representing a misleading advertisement then, he or she can be fined up to 50 lakhs and imprisonment, to that, Farhan said, “I am not qualified about speaking quantum of punishment and stuff but I do feel that when people represents something, it is important to do background check about company, brand and product. It is something that is going to benefit people in some way especially when you go around and tell them that it’s beneficial. I do believe in doing background check as a celebrity with any company that I chose to associate with. But there are incident happened with me in the past , where I have been associated with a company which is very well reputed but they product that they put out somehow people didn’t enjoy so then, I don’t know how I could be held responsible for a bad product? so there are fine lines and people will need to figure out and I guess time will tell how these things play out”

Talking about his upcoming project from his production house ‘Excel Eentertainment’, Farhan said, “The next film that will be released will be ‘Gold’, which will release in August. Zoya (Akhtar) has started shooting of ‘Gully Boy’ couple of days ago and of course there are other projects which are in progress”

Farhan last seen in ‘Lucknow Central’ which released in 2017.

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