Difference in vote was of only a few thousand and that’s not a big deal: Hina Khan

who became the first runner-up for Big Boss Season 11 was present at a Press conference after the finale on Sunday. During media interaction the actress said, the difference in vote was of only a few thousand and that’s not a big deal.
who has a big fan following after being part of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata’ for 7 years and a finalist of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, became the finalists of Big Boss 11 and lost to co-actor, Shilpa Shide at the finale held on 14th Jan. When asked what she thinks went wrong, she said, “Nothing went wrong, I just had a conversation with Salman Khan and he was telling me and Shilpa that the show has a viewership of its own. It is bigger than all of us. Each year the contestants change and if some few people like one contestant more than the other, that does not mean I am not good enough or the other contestants of the show aren’t good enough. Everyone gave their best. And Salman just told us the difference in vote was of only a few thousand and that’s not a big deal.”
She further added, “I think the top 4 we are all winners. Vikas was always a competition, but 4weeks ago Salman told us that the game is over now, and it all depends on votes. “
When asked what was in her mind when she decided to become part of the reality game show and if she is happy with the result, “I used to always think if not the winner, I have to reach top 5. I tried my best, in spite of all the things happening. It is a rollercoaster ride inside the house. I thought I will not make it to the finales. It was a tough competition, everyone was playing really well and strong. To even compete in the house with others is a great deal. I reached top 2 and I think that is an achievement. Especially for me who was thinking I will be eliminated mid-season. I am very proud of myself and happy with the result.”
After coming out of the Big Boss house, when asked what change she would want to see in herself, Hina said, “Everyone has those few people in life that they don’t talk to because they had a fight in the past. I would want to mend those relationships. If all of us from the house can become friends after all of that, then why not do it outside, in life. This is the biggest thing I have learned in this house. Life is very short and you should just let things go.”
The actress also said she is thankful for being part of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, “I think it because of that show people started to know me as and not my character. It was on a different channel and it helped bring me become part of Big Boss.”
The grand finale was held last night and actress Shilpa Shinde was declared the winner by host Salman Khan. Shilpa took home Rs. 44 lakh as prize money and the winning trophy.