‘Breathe’ is the best piece of work I have ever done in my career: R Madhavan

R Madhavan and producer were present at the teaser laugh of his upcoming Web series ‘’ on Tuesday. During media interaction, Madhavan said, ‘’ is the best piece of work he has ever done in his career.
Madhavan who is playing one of the lead characters in said, ‘’ was by far one of the most exciting projects he has ever done. “Sorry about just coming in front of media only one or twice every year. And the reason is that I need to get really excited about what I’m doing and ‘’ is by far the most exciting projects I have ever done. To be honest I’ll tell you the way it started I was in the US when I got a call saying that Mr. wants to talk to me about a Web series. That time I was like, why web series. I knew Vikram, and I know what kind of movies he makes so I was aware that it will have to be good. When he told me the story over the phone, I was going to say I can’t do it, I have a lot of things to do in the year. But after listening to the story I was blown.”
“The shooting dates for work going to coincide with my Tamil film Vikram Veda, which is why the look is the same. When I came back and heard the story from Mayank all I can tell you is that this is the best piece of work I have ever done in my career so far,” he added.
Talking about Atharva who is playing his son in the series Madhavan said, “I have worked with some brilliant actors in my Life, some Legends, but it will not be too far out to say, this little kid over here has been one of the most spectacular co-stars I have ever had. Sheerly in terms of the craft not as a person or a child or how comfortable or dedicated, he is. But he is frighteningly talented.”
Producer , “More than 500 days of writing and pre-production 47 days of shoot and 227 of post-production, 8 episodes 3 languages and more than 200 countries worldwide and unlimited passion and commitment, that’s ‘’ in one sentence for you. When Mayank told me this story 2 years ago I was convinced I had to bring this story to screen.”
Vijay Subramaniam from Amazon Originals was asked, what can fans expect from , “I think the first original Inside Edge gave both our customers and creators a glimpse of what we are really capable of. Now that there is an expectation, I am putting myself out there. I do believe will set new standard both in terms of customer experience and entertainment. It will also crack open possibilities for creators.”
Directed by Mayank Sharma, and presented by Abundantia Entertainment, ‘’ stars R Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi and Neena Kulkarni.
Presenters Amazin Prime Original will air first 3 episode on 26th Jan followed by a weekly release of remaining episodes on Amazon Prime platform.