After I averted clash between Pad Man and Padmaavat, now Sanjay will make Rowdy Rathore 2 with me; Akshay Pulls leg of Sanjay Leela Bhansali


Actor set an example in the history of Indian cinema on Friday by displaying his big heart when he decided to postpone his upcoming film ‘Pad Man’ which was clashing with ’s controversial film ‘Padmaavat’. During media interaction, once again he showed his witty side when he pulled ’s leg saying that after he averted clash between ‘Pad Man’ and ‘Padmaavat’, now now make  ‘Rowdy Rathore 2’ with me.

has worked in produced successful film ‘Rowdy Rathore’ therefore, as friendly gesture, he decided to postpone release of ‘Pad man’ which was clashing with ‘’, talking about that, Akshay said, “My film ‘Pad Man’ was scheduled to release on 25th January along with ’s ‘Padmaavat’ but today when I was doing my rehearsals for Filmfare awards that time, Sanajay Leela Bhansali’s came and requested me to postpone ‘Pad Man’ release date as I have worked with him earlier so I feel we film industry is one family and I can understand he has gone through a lot and his team’s so much money riding on the film. I know that one big day can bear two film releases but I personally feel that stake of ‘Pamdaavat’ is much higher than ‘Pad Man’. I would like to thank my producers Sony Pictures and KriArz Entertainment for accepting it because they have also invested money in our film. “

On a lighter note, pulling ’s leg, Akshay said, “After I averted clash between ‘Pad Man’ and ‘Padmaavat, now will make ‘Rowdy Rathore 2’ with me.”

Talking about ’s supreme sacrifice as a friendly gesture, said, “Padmaavat has gone through really tough times. When CBFC passed out film, then we decided to release our film 25 January but on that Akshay sir’s ‘Pad Man’ was also slated to release so we when meet and requested him to postpone release of his film because to sustain opposite big star like him would have been difficult for us so he didn’t took even two minutes to postpone his film and I think it needs a very large heart to be exude so much goodness. I couldn’t believed what I was hearing and I think I will be grateful to him for a lifetime for what he has done. I think the industry, the world can understand that this is a place to be in because this is how we behave with each other, stand by each other and respect each other. I think fraternity will be very proud of what Akshay has done today because it’s a gesture would otherwise quite impossible in this industry”

Starring Shahid Kappor, Depika Padukone and Ranveer Singh , ‘Padmaavat’ will have solo release on  25th January, 2018 whereas,  Starring , Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte ,  “Pad Man’ will now release on 9th February, 2018.